6 Surprising Ways to Make Your Relationship Better

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Are you looking for ways to spice things up? Whether you’ve found a new love or are searching for a way to rekindle the passionate flame between you and your partner, it takes some creativity and a lot of work. Relationship success is a lot about effort. Sure, there is chemistry, but that kind of thing only takes you so far.

Successful relationships rest on multiple pillars. For example, if the sex is great, there also needs to be something else there, in most cases, for the relationship to survive. If not, eventually, someone’s going to feel unfulfilled and start thinking twice about the current setup.

So what can you do to keep things interesting and keep the spark alive? Don’t try all of the told, played-out overtures that will likely get a yawn. Try some new ways to push the limits of your relationship and see how you can take things to the next level. Here are 6 surprising ways you can make your relationship better starting now!

Do Some Volunteering Together

Volunteering is a fulfilling experience and you can do a lot of good with your time. Even if you don’t know it, there are probably tons of volunteering opportunities around where you live. You and your partner can spend time together working at a soup kitchen on the weekends or spending time with lonely seniors in nursing homes. Spending time with others and helping those less fortunate is a great way to overlook any issues that you’re having in your relationship. Everything falls into perspective when you put yourself out there and give with an act of service. You’ll see the best in each other as well. Volunteering is a great way to come together more closely and build stronger bonds in your relationship.

Ramp Things Up in the Bedroom

Sex at the beginning of the relationship is great because it’s new. However, most people miss out on the best kinds of sex because they’re still a little reserved at the start. Then, sex becomes more routine and people start questioning whether it’s worth the effort. Sex is an integral part of every relationship’s success. There must be healthy intimacy for it to thrive. That doesn’t mean tantric sex every day, but it could mean that for some. Appropriate intimacy means having sex that fulfills both of you and meets your needs.

Research Peptides

One research peptide named Melatonan 2 has been investigated as a treatment for both male and female sexual desire disorders according to peptidesciences.com.

In a study of men who failed treatment with Viagra, 80% of them responded well to Melanotan 2 treatment. Melanotan 2 is not yet FDA approved for human use. It is still undergoing much scientific research for future medical possibilities.

Put Something on the Calendar

When you’re busy with work, kids, friends, and a million other obligations, your relationship gets lost in the mix. We’ve all heard of scheduling date night, but what about putting other things on the calendar as well? A lot of couples do surprisingly well when they have more, shorter interactions with their partners. If you can, you may also try to make some of them spontaneous. Surprise your partner at work with a coffee and take them out for a short walk. Meet them for lunch with takeout bags from their favorite restaurant. These small acts of service and time together will make a huge difference.

Make Friends with Their Friends

This doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of people. But it pays off if you put in the effort. Everyone wants their partner to fit in with their life. Becoming friends with their friends and their family members goes a very long way in bringing the two of you closer together. Build an ecosystem around both of you that both of your love and enjoy spending time with.

Manifest Relationship Success

This is a bit of a surprising tip because most people never think to try. Manifesting is powerful. The thoughts that we spend the most time on have a way of becoming our reality. If you’re always focused on what’s wrong in your relationship, then it’s hard to see all of the good things. You become pessimistic about the future.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, start shaping your thoughts actively. Don’t lie to yourself and tell yourself that your relationship is great when it isn’t. That’s not what we’re saying. Instead, start telling yourself about the kind of relationship that you want, and see if it comes to bear.

Go to Sleep Together

Yes, have sex and plenty of it. Find ways to make intimacy more fun. But we’re not talking about that with this next tip. We mean you should go to bed at the same time. When bedtimes become a ritual for both of you, then it’s an opportunity for bonding. Think about what you do at night, you go over the day, think about what worries you, etc. With your partner, you can have someone to sound off to and get some feedback from. You’re building a better support system.

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