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Surrogate mother’s delivery in Austria and surrogacy motherhood in Europe

Surrogate mother's delivery in Austria and surrogacy motherhood in Europe

Are you looking for a surrogate mother who can bear a child for you because you can not do so on your own for some medical reason or other reasons? Why not consult surrogate mothers and talk to them about the delivery in Austria.

New Baby birth in Austria service, namely Leihmutterschaft österreich, helps many couples deal with infertility.

Even more, these services are available for the following:

●  Couples from german speaking countries can opt for this service easily

●  Easy and simplified legalization process for Austrian citizens

●  The birth of a healthy child is the main concern of the agencies in Austria

●  The couples get a complete legal support

Why opt for the feskov reproductive group?

The answer is quite simple. You get a lot of benefits for choosing a feskov reproductive group for surrogacy.

1. Analytical step

Here are a few analytical steps that are included in the procedure:

●  A thorough examination of males before the IVF takes place

●  Proper inspection of sperm quality of the candidate

●  Sperm cryopreservation

●  The clinic provides the egg donor along with the relevant information about the egg donor

●  A truly comfort level is provided along with three meals per day

●  Preparation of legal and other important documents

2. Selection of a healthy embryo + embryo transfer

●  Unlimited egg donor IVF attempts take place

●  Provision of a surrogate mother

●  IVF + ICSI program + embryo cryopreservation

●  Limitless healthy embryo transfers take place

3. Medical check and balance of deliveries in Austria

●  Proper medical care, living, other expenses, and transfer of a surrogate mother

●  Insurance of a surrogate mother takes place in the 12th week of pregnancy

●  Proper pregnancy care after 8th month along with the delivery in Austria

●  The surrogate mother is fully compensated for the services she provides before birth and even after birth.

●  In an abortion at any gestational age, the provision of a mew IVF + PGD program is mandatory.

●  The total services cost around €70,000.

Surrogacy prices in Europe

Even in this modern era of advanced technology, thousands of couples fail to become the parents of their genetic babies. Moreover, surrogacy has resulted as the only solution to infertility.

However, there are a few countries where surrogacy is not allowed on any ground:

●  Austria

●  Germany

●  Sweden

●  France

●  Norway

Meanwhile, there are a few countries where surrogacy is officially allowed:

●  Ukraine

●  Georgia

●  Poland

●  Russia

However, there are other countries, too, where surrogacy is allowed with some restrictions.

Different countries charge different costs for surrogacy. However, some of the European countries, along with the price they charge for surrogacy services, are as under:

1. Great Britain

On a commercial basis, you cannot use surrogacy services in Great Britain. Moreover, the surrogate mother is given a fee for the service she provides for surrogacy. Surrogacy cost around £12,000 to £15,000 in Great Britain.

2. Denmark

Surrogacy services in Denmark are quite expensive. Moreover, surrogacy will cost you $50,000 if you use your female eggs. However, you have to pay an additional $10,000 if you want to use an egg donor.

Read more about leihmutterschaft in dänemark as services for many couples.

3. Netherlands/Holland

Advertisement or sponsorship of surrogacy is not permitted in Netherlands/Holland. Besides that, the surrogacy service costs around $54,000 without any guarantee.

4. Greece

Greece charges very fewer prices for surrogacy and is known as the cheapest country to render surrogacy services. Aside from that, the surrogacy cost in Greece is $20,000.

5. Belgium

There are no laws passed regarding surrogacy in Belgium. Moreover, there is no legal guarantee of the service and success of the event. However, surrogacy in Belgium costs you around €54,000.

6. Russia

Russia costs around $45,000 to $60,000 for the entire procedure. 

Final words

Surrogacy is an important procedure for people dealing with infertility issues. Surrogacy has solved all their problems, and many couples can become the parents of their genetic babies through surrogacy.

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