The Renown Sylvia Rossouw is making a Lasting Impression in the World of Fine Arts and Architecture

The Renown Sylvia Rossouw is making a Lasting Impression in the World of Fine Arts and Architecture

Sylvia Rossouw is an artist and architect who has worked on a variety of projects and exhibitions. She has achieved various prizes and distinctions as a result of her extraordinarily hard work. Her zeal for the arts fuels her vitality and work ethic. The gifted artist was a category winner at South Africa’s Apple Arts Awards. In September 2021, President Quirino Martellini invited the remarkable artist to engage on a project titled La Lunigiana e la sua Anima Etrusca during the Biennale Internazionale Dell’ Etruria, Della Rinchiostra, Pamphili, and Massa (MS).

Involvement in the Community

As a member of the community, Sylvia Rossouw tries to give back as much as she can. Her first exhibitions were held in her hometown in Western Cape, South Africa, to display her love for the area. Her work of art was on display at the Civic Center in 1994 at the KKNK Annual National Arts Festival. Following the International Green Architecture Conference in 2012, a solo show was featured in 2013. In 2014, she participated in a silent auction called Shhhhhh! as part of a larger group project. She also participated in a community-wide mural project at the library on Nelson Mandela Day. She was hired as a part-time instructor at the Cape Province University of Technology (CPUT) in architecture and design a year later. Since then, she has been an inspiration to students who aspire to be architects by serving as a mentor in 2018.

The Path to Becoming an Outstanding Artist

Exceptional talent Sylvia Rossouw attended Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. In 1994, she graduated from the university with a Baccalaureus in Building Arts. Four years later, she obtained her Baccalaureus in Architecture. She persevered and graduated from the UNISA School of Business Leadership in South Africa with a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership in 2008. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Baccalaureus in Fine Arts in 2014.

Pertaining to the Future

Sylvia Rossouw Studio is her personal creative space where she enjoys spending her free time. In her professional art studio, which is located just outside of Franschhoek in the Western Cape of South Africa, you can see all of her video stills, paintings, and installation pieces.

Past shows: …..Aldila Beyond the Obvious at M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan and Fuerteventura, 22 October 2022, which was under the curatorship of Art Directors Carlo Greco and Alessanda Magni. Future shows….She will be showcasing her work at an international exhibition, at M.A.D.S. Gallery in December 2021. “Sacrifice” will open on the 16th of December 2021, in both Milan and Fuerteventura, simultaneously. For the year 2022, she plans to stage another solo exhibition and start work on an NFT project that will power the collective platform #ARTforCHANGE.


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