Techniques For Packing And Shipping Heavy Items

Techniques For Packing And Shipping Heavy Items

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Packing and shipping heavy items are as challenging as it is. First, you need to look for more substantial packaging materials to handle and protect your products. Packing materials used on standard shipments are not sustainable. This kind of shipping requires the power of a forklift, not human strength. So it is a must that you pack your heavy packages securely. Or else it will be destroyed. Here is a list of techniques for packing and shipping heavy items.

Packaging Materials Needed for Shipping Heavy Items

Packing heavy items is pretty intimidating. Most of these products are high-value and fragile, which entails many risks. For example, the recipient might receive a damaged package due to poor packaging. Or the expensive content might get lost during transit. Therefore, you need to be mindful when packing and shipping heavy items. Strong and sturdy packaging material is crucial to saving you from such a dilemma.

Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps protect the content inside the shipping box. Often, it takes the size and shape of the heavy item you’ll ship. You can find this in a stationery, supermarket, or hardware store.

Cardboard Box

It houses the heavy items you plan to ship. It must be solid and sturdy to carry the weight of your product. You’ll find cardboard boxes in a hardware store or stationery store.

Duct Tape

Use duct tape or fabric tape to cover and seal your box. Its adhesive is strong enough to hold the box lap. This way, the content won’t fall out of the box. You may buy it from a stationery, supermarket, or hardware store.

Foam and Packing Peanuts

Whichever type of items you’ll use, cushioning is a must-have. It saves your heavy items from banging on the sides of the shipping box. You can avail of it from different hardware stores.

Measuring Tape

Packing and shipping heavy items require measurement of dimension. Obtain accurate size by using a measuring tape. It is available in a stationery store, supermarket, or hardware store.


Ensure safety and protection of your heavy items from shifting while in transit. Get a used or a brand new pallet or a plastic or wood pallet. As long as it can take the load of your product is okay. A great source of pallets is hardware stores.

Plastic Stretched Film

A film provides extra protection from damages like scratches. Apply it before wrapping your things with bubble wrap. You can procure it from a stationery store, supermarket, or hardware store.

Weighing Scale

Aside from the size, weight plays a vital role when packing and shipping heavy items. Use a weighing scale that can handle your product. You can get one from a store or a gym.

If you have durable packaging materials, you’re one step ahead of packing and shipping heavy items.

Quick Tips When Packing Heavy Products

Safe and successful delivery of heavy items pleases both the seller and customer. Ensure the same results by following these tips below.

Spread the weight

Avoid dumping all the items on one side of the box. It will bring down all your packing and shipping costs. Instead, evenly spread the weight to control. Also, put the larger piece at the bottom first. Then follow it with the smallest on top. This way, it would stand on its own proportionately. Plus, it avoids manhandling the package.

Never overload

When packing and shipping multiple big, heavy, and delicate items, do not overstuff. The chances of dropping the package are high. Instead, spread and distribute the content’s weight to other boxes.

Get the right pallet.

A pallet is necessary when packing and shipping heavy items. It helps your package withstand the tension of getting hauled and lifted. But when choosing your pallet, you need to consider the weight restrictions of the shipping provider.

Use durable packing materials.

Choose corrugated boxes that can withstand a load of heavy products. Duct tape is far more effective than masking tape. It can hold heavy weight and doesn’t crack easily. It’s better to spend on packaging materials than regret it later.

Cushion everything

Bubble wrap every small piece of the package. Use thicker layers for heavier items. Examples are cardboard and thermocol. Fill in empty spaces to avoid shifting. Cushion maintains your package stable during transit.

Double box if needed

If you prefer additional protection, slip your initial shipping box into another. First, make sure it is larger than the first. Then, pad the remaining space with other cushioning materials. Also, allow at least two inches between the inner and outer shipping box. But it depends on the content inside. This way, you have adequate clearance when the outer box gets punctured or dropped.

Place scrap cardboard on top

Before you seal, add scrap cardboard. It prevents damage once your customer cuts open the package with a knife. Plus, it gives extra snugness to ensure the heavy items inside won’t move.

Shake to check

Moving items inside the box is a big no-no. Any movement may break other items in the box. Also, it may damage the packaging materials. So if you hear and feel potential movement, check and repack. Do this before sealing the container. This way, you won’t have to open and repack the package.

Seal to protect

With sturdy packing tape, seal all corners and seams. Use an adhesive designed for packing and shipping heavy items. Examples are duct tape, water-activated tape, fabric tape, and fiberglass-reinforced water-activated tape. These offer extra protection and prevent the box from opening while on transport.

A label is a must

Paste the accurate details about the recipient of the package. Double-check the name, address, and contact number. Also, include instructions about the proper handling of the box. You may use clear tape for easy reading and visibility. When packing and shipping fragile and valuable items, label them with “Fragile” and “This Side Up.”

Packing and shipping heavy items require techniques and care. Or else you will jeopardize the transport of your package. Follow the tips above for your peace of mind.

Look for a Reliable Shipping Company

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Take your mind off the stress of packing and shipping heavy items. Remember the strategies stated above and apply them. Don’t forget to call a trusted shipping company like Red Stag.