8 Techniques about Hair Extension Packaging Boxes to Learn Before you Start

hair extension packaging boxes

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Girls these days love to use hair extensions that change their appearance and their entire look. So that they can look gorgeous in any event or occasion, you can buy extensions in various sizes according to your taste. Some hair extensions are of outstanding quality and seem so natural that people cannot tell that these are extensions, not the actual hair of that person. But this beauty product is susceptible and can be spoiled during transportation. So, the brand should focus on the packaging of these extensions. Here you will learn the eight techniques about hair extension packaging boxes to learn before you start.

Defensive content options for fragile items

The hair extension packaging box is made of cardboard, Kraft, and rigid material. These materials are thick, durable, and flexible, meaning the item can reach its customers without any damage. Because if something goes wrong and extensions are destroyed during the shipment, it can create a bad image of your brand for the customers. And this lousy impact can lead to a significant loss for your business. But these boxes are very protective. Even if the box falls from a high, the product inside will still be safe and secure.

Window Hair Extension Packaging:

Hair extension boxes with a window and a plastic sheet on that window through which one can see the beauty product will create wish in the people to buy it and try them at least once. This technique will emphasize that people visit that brand’s outlet or online website and place their orders.

The choice of vibrant and hue colors:

Vibrant colors can attract customers at first glimpse. So, choosing dark color patterns for the box and logo to pack hair extensions is another fascinating idea. Or the brand can make the box color similar to the color of wings. People cannot resist dark colors, and this box will help promote your brand because the company’s logo will be prominent to the public. This advertisement can put the brand in an excellent position to earn profit considerably.

Eye-catching elements add-ons

Simple boxes with a modern twist can grab customers’ attention. One can add beautiful floral or stem design, use silver or gold foiling, or can write a small thank you a message on the box. To make a plain and straightforward hair extension packaging box eye-catching, unique, appealing to human eyes, and satisfying many people.

Combine two non-identical and contrasting Packaging Concepts

Many brands are trying to make hair extensions. But the difference between all the brands is the quality of the product and packaging. Every brand should be innovative and try to generate unique ideas for packaging. One tip and trick is to combine two packing concepts and make a new one that can fulfill customers’ needs, demands, and expectations.

Numerous printing options:

Firms can use different printing options like printing offset, digital printing, and printing flexography for hair extension boxes. Using these techniques, you can print any theme, character logo, or anything that wins over customers of all ages and set a high level for your competitors. Brands should never ignore packaging because it is crucial to success and can make your brand trend.

Custom packaging boxes for extensions

The brand offers customization facilities to their clients to satisfy their desire and make them happy. They can do different designs, color ranges, combinations, labeling instructions, boxes with a matte or glossy looks, and everything customers want on their packages. Customers are given a wide range of options, out of which they can select one or instruct them on a new design. The buyers must pay a little more for these services, but spending on this option is worth it.

A wide variety of shapes and styles:

The hair extension packaging box is available in various shapes, styles, and sizes. One should select the optimal size and shape, and extensions should be placed to remain straight and immovable during traveling. Resultantly customers will receive a box of attachments that is perfect to use. Various shapes and styles are available in the market, like rectangular and oval shapes, sliding boxes, folding boxes, boxes with top or bottom closures, etc.; all these styles can stimulate the public’s interest.

Wholesale hair extension packaging

Suppose one firm wants to buy boxes for extension in bulk quantity, then the packaging industry gives them a discount option. Because once goods are produced in large quantities, it reduces labor costs, and, as a result, goods are produced at an economical price. The services of such industries are mind-blowing that can impress firms and customers. Even they can create custom Made boxes according to the public’s demand and give consultations and suggestions free of cost to the brands so that they can get their unique boxes that fit well with their brand and brand’s products.


Hair extensions are a popular accessory among women, and the packaging of these products plays a vital role in their sales and promotion. This article will provide a unique overview of eight techniques to consider when designing hair extension packaging boxes.

  • Material Selection: The selection of packaging material is crucial in protecting hair extensions. Materials such as cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated board offer durability and protect the contents from damage.
  • Design: A visually appealing design can help attract customers to your product. Design elements such as color, font, and graphics can be used to create an eye-catching packaging design.
  • Branding: Branding is essential to the success of any product. Your packaging should reflect your brand’s image and values.
  • Box Size: The size of the packaging box should be proportional to the size of the hair extensions. This will ensure that the contents fit snugly in the packaging and prevent damage during transport.
  • Printing: High-quality printing is essential to create a professional look for your packaging. Depending on your budget, you can choose between digital printing or offset printing.
  • Finishing: Finishing options like gloss, matte, and spot UV coating can add a premium touch to your packaging design.
  • Window Patching: Window patching is a technique that involves adding a transparent window to the packaging. This lets customers see the hair extensions inside the packaging, creating a more immersive buying experience.
  • Inserts: Inserts such as foam or cardboard can be added to the packaging to provide extra protection and prevent movement of the contents.

Interesting Facts

It is not easy to start a new business and make that business survive in this competitive market. Much effort, time, hard work, and innovation are required. A businessman needs to focus on every single detail to make their business flourish.

These hair extension boxes are not only containers to pack hair extensions; they are a great marketing tool to increase the demand and sales of any brand and make that business successful. These boxes have no side effects on our environment and human health. So, everyone can use such boxes without any hesitation. These cardboard boxes are cost-effective, which means no extra burden on the firms and the public purchasing them. One can recycle and reuse these boxes again for serval purposes it reduces the wastage of natural resources.

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