Technology and Sports: The Ultimate Overlap

Technology and Sports: The Ultimate Overlap

Advances in technology have allowed sports fans to get closer to the action than ever before. According to a recent survey, 15 percent of the U.S population is planning on betting on this upcoming National Football League (NFL) season alone. 

Sports gambling is just one example of how new tech has allowed sports fans to become more involved with the action. Sports tech isn’t just for the fans either. It also makes the experience better for professional athletes and the organizations they play for. 

Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn more about technology and sports and how they have contributed to the fan’s experience. 

1. Injury Prevention

One of the most significant contributions sports technology has made is allowing for safer play in essentially all levels of sports. Sports injuries are devastating for the player and the entire sports organization. Some of the new technology making sports safer include:

  • Advanced helmets
  • Superior mouth guards
  • Easier access to information

These technological advances have made sports safer and allowed players to extend their careers with fewer injuries. 

2. Analytics & Preparation

The advancement in technology also gives players and coaches the ability to study film and break down exactly what went right or wrong. 

Sports reporting has become so much more advanced in the past few years that there are seemingly endless amounts of film to study. This gives teams more tools to prepare for the big game. 

3. Instant Replay

Nowadays, in-game officials and referees have so much more control over the game than they used to. This is partly due to the new technology that has been introduced to the game. 

The new tech gives officials the ability to review plays frame by frame, allowing them to determine the best call given the circumstances. Although officials are able to make better decisions with these tools, they are still controversial in sports. 

From a fan’s perspective, the technology is great when the calls go your way. But, when the call goes against you, it’s not so valuable anymore. 

4. Better Viewing

The new technology has no doubt improved the fans viewing experience. They now have:

  • Better camera angles
  • Increased zooming features
  • More cameras

Not only have the cameras improved, the technology and sports streaming devices have also advanced in the past few years, making the experience more enjoyable for fans watching at home. Just make sure when you have all these devices, you also have a Top rated IT Support Services Company ready on game day in case something goes wrong.

5. Sports Betting Platforms

Sports betting is becoming a major industry in the U.S as more states are allowing fans to get in on the action. According to recent projections, the sports betting market is estimated to grow by over 130 billion by 2024.

Allowing fans to place bets enables them to be more engaged with the sports, teams, and players they are wagering on.

Learn More About the Relationship Between Technology and Sports

Fans should be excited about the future of technology and sports. Technological advances have given fans a chance to get closer to their favorite teams and players than ever before. It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan knowing how far technology has brought the game over the past few years. Just imagine what the next couple of years will bring!

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