A Closer Look At The Amazing Journey of Paul Mampilly

A Closer Look At The Amazing Journey of Paul Mampilly

There are a lot of Paul Mampilly reviews out there but do all of these reviews tell the whole story? As a child growing up in India, he never could have imagined that he would ascend to the position that he is in today. He credits his father for the helpful advice that he provided as a child. Mampilly is not a scammer or someone who is looking to enrich his own position at the expense of others.
He is someone who understands that there are certain risks that need to be taken in life in order to get to the desired objectives. Those who are not willing to take these risks are going to struggle more over the long haul because of their willingness to play it safe. Paul Mampilly is living proof that anyone can achieve their goals, no matter who they are or where they are from.

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Humble Beginnings

The best way to understand a man like Paul Mampilly is by taking a closer look at his humble beginnings. He is not someone who looks to hoard all of his secrets for success, either. While there are some who would simply tell others to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, Mampilly is not that type of scam artist. He is someone who wants to see everyone succeed.
He’s even written a book, telling his whole story, so that the world may benefit. If he can rise up from the Third World and become an asset to the 1%, he knows that others will be able to follow in his footsteps. His father was looking to improve his family’s circumstances, moving them from India to Dubai. This risk paid off handsomely, setting the stage for what was to come.

Helping Others

Far from content, Mampilly wanted to share his methods with the rest of the world. Now that his book has reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s stock investing category, he has provided more background for prospective readers.
“It’s about my journey from India, where my love of stocks and finances first started as a kid. The lessons I learned from my father turned me into a true speculator. I came to America and went to college, and then quickly rose through the ranks on Wall Street and made a lot of money for a lot of people — mostly big companies and one-percenters.
“But I soon learned that my true passion was helping Main Street investors change their lives through the stock market. I’ve made it my mission to show 1,000 everyday Americans how to become millionaires,” he shared in a recent interview. After all, without his father’s willingness to embrace risks, he never would have been able to attend college in America, where he received degrees in financing and accounting. This is Mampilly’s way of paying it forward.

The Importance of Behavioral Finance

While there are a number of investors who are able to analyze the marketplace and come to educated conclusions, Mampilly is interested in going much deeper. He is someone who believes in being proactive instead of reactive. This is where his commitment to learning more about behavioral finance. Instead of waiting for the markets to settle and doing his research (which is something that happens anyway), he wants to know the why.
He goes in-depth on these matters in his book, as he explains the position that he took during the 2008 financial crisis. Mampilly did not have to wait to see what happened, he already knew why it was happening. “Ultimately, the stock market runs on human beings making decisions based on emotions and impulses,” he explains in his book. This is a much deeper understanding that most people have when it comes to the stock market. He is an investor who is driven to learn more about these impulses, which sets him apart.
Once he realized that the shadow banking system was creating the unsustainable real estate bubble in the United States, it was an easy issue to get his arms around. He lives by the same principles today, allowing him to provide the best possible advice to all of his clientele. Now, he is helping the average American to achieve all of the financial dreams that once seemed impossible.


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