The Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses
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Did you know that Americans spend 7 hours and 11 minutes every single day looking at screens, mostly on internet-connected activities? And a majority of this is spent on smartphones. 

You might not think much of it, since everyone around you is doing the same. But just because it’s ubiquitous doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

There are many hazards of spending so much time staring at the blue screens of smart devices and computers. That’s why blue light glasses are highly recommended by many vision care specialists. 

Let’s read on to see some benefits of blue light glasses.

Less Eye Strain

Our eyes have not evolved to look continuously at blue screens for long periods. That’s why after an 8-10 hour workday of looking at your computer screen and then your smartphone at home, your eyes might be feeling strained. You can alleviate this by using blue light filtering glasses. 

Better Sleep

The blue light from screens can block or delay the production of melatonin in the brain, which is why it’s recommended not to use your smartphone right until you fall asleep. Or if you do, then use blue light eyeglasses to filter out the harmful blue light, allowing normal production of melatonin.

Reduced Risk of Eye Diseases

Even though your cornea and eye lens are good at blocking out UV rays from reaching your retina, they are not evolved to filter out blue light. This could result in damage to the retina which could cause eye diseases like macular degeneration and developing cataracts. Avoid all this by wearing computer glasses that filter out blue light for you.

Fewer Headaches

Do you suffer from a lot of headaches? Some of them might be due to wearing glasses that aren’t the right prescription (read our article on the debate between contacts vs. glasses). But a lot of them could be because you are spending way too much time staring without blinking at a computer or smart device screen. 

Use computer glasses to alleviate or eliminate headaches due to blue light. This is especially important if you are prone to migraines, as blue light can exacerbate the occurrence of migraines in sufferers.

Don’t discount or take your vision for granted any longer – take care of it so you can have healthy eyesight for a long time to come.

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses Are Not to Be Ignored

It’s easy to ignore the importance of healthy eyes until you are struggling with some eye health issue. Don’t let it get to that point before you start taking care of your eyes.

Considering the benefits of blue light glasses, there are many reasons to use them and no reason not to. It’s as easy as purchasing a pair of eyeglasses that filter blue light and remembering to wear them whenever you use a smartphone or computer.

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