The Latest Inflatable Paddle Board Models

The Latest Inflatable Paddle Board Models

The Inflatable Paddle Board is the latest addition to the sea kayaking equipment. It is also known as the bubble blower and the inflatable kayak. These are specially designed kayaks which are specially designed to create waves in water thereby allowing its paddlers to ride it easily. The latest inflatable paddle boards have been tested and prove to be safe to use even in wakes of 50 feet high. This means that it can be utilized in almost any water body including rivers, oceans and lakes.

When you buy a Paddle Board from the Globo Surf, you get to enjoy several facilities. You get a complete kayak together with inflatable kayak and a user manual. This document contains all you need to know about Paddle Board and its usage. Other facilities you get with this is an emergency stop button, paddle reset key, spare paddle and other accessories. With the help of the sales man you get the best deal and can buy your new kayak for as low as $389.

In the recent times, the latest designs of Inflatable Paddle Board have come out with an advanced frame convertible models which have been developed to make travelling easy. These models are available with a variety of features. Some of them have built-in lights and even come with stereo audio systems. In addition, inflatable kayaks with advanced frame convertible models also feature a hydraulic clutch system which helps the users paddle easily.

If you are planning to go camping or travel along with friends, you can always carry your Inflatable Paddle Board with you. This makes you even more comfortable as the inflatable kayak is very much stable and comfortable. This can be carried on most of the beaches. However, this can also be carried to almost any water body as long as there is enough space available. The best thing is that they are very light in weight.

One of the main reasons for which Inflatable Kayaks are very popular among people is that their prices are very cheap. The Inflatable Paddle Board comes in different sizes and you can buy it according to your own requirement. It can be used while going for picnics or beach parties as well. When you go for picnics you should not have to carry a heavy kayak around with you so instead you should carry a light one which can be folded and stored into a simple bag. In case if you go for a beach party then this can become a necessity as you will need to carry along enough kayaks to fill up the area. These advanced elements of the latest Inflatable Paddle Board have been designed to save your energy and increase your adventure.

These advanced frames of the latest inflatable kayaks have been designed by using the latest technology. The Inflatable Paddle Board has been manufactured by using fiberglass and Kevlar materials. Fiberglass is used because of its durability and it is not easy to scratch and dent the kayak. Kevlar is used for strengthening as well as providing toughness. The manufacturers have spent lots of time and money in creating these inflatable kayaks and they are now enjoying the benefits of its durability.

This company has made two different models of the inflatable kayaks. One model is the SE 370K_P which has an inflatable kayak with a motor-driven platform. This has a seat and a console which enable the users to operate the kayak easily. The user can also put in extra battery packs to recharge the batteries in the remote control.

The second model is the SE 370K_B which has an inflatable kayak with a rear-facing motor. It has a very comfortable seating position and a console which operate the kayak. This has a very large platform and this is suitable for anyone who wants to ride on it. This is the best model available in the market and it has won many awards. The manufactures are working hard to improve the designs and make the products more user friendly and advanced so that they can be used by everyone.

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