The 8 Major Tattoo Styles

The 8 Major Tattoo Styles

In recent years, the number of tattoo styles has skyrocketed. For decades, traditional American-style tattoos were the only style available at most tattoo parlors. However, leading tattoo shops now over many styles, ranging from ornamental and geometric tattoos to photorealistic tattoos. Read on to learn more about the major tattoo styles available at leading shops.

Ornamental & Geometric

Ornamental tattoo style ink has become very popular over the last decade or so. This style involves abstract and complex geometric shapes that are beautiful and mysterious. These complex tattoos can only be pulled off by highly skilled artists.

Cover-Up & Retouch

Tatoo cover-ups have become more popular, even though laser removal has become widespread. Cover-ups and retouches have several advantages over laser tattoo removal. They are cheaper, quicker, and less painful. Also, they give you the opportunity to get a beautiful new tattoo.

Black & Gray

Black and gray tattoos may sound a bit plain, but they can actually be very complex and striking. Of course, many of the simplest and cheapest tattoos are simple black designs. However, complex full sleeves in black have become quite popular.

Watercolor & Bold Color

Advances in tattoo ink have made colors bolder than ever before. Color ink will also keep its boldness for far longer than it would in the past, especially if you take good care of your tattoo. Some highly skilled artists even offer tattoos with a unique “watercolor” look that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Lettering & Script

Lettering and script tattoos are some of the most common tattoos, and this trend looks to continue for the foreseeable future. Though lettering and script tattoos have been around for a long time and are very popular, they are far from boring. Artists now offer unique fonts and complex lettering designs that make this sort of ink just as striking as image-based tattoos. 

Portraits & Realistic Images

Advances in ink and tattoo needles have made it possible for artists to create incredibly realistic images. These advances are especially notable when it comes to portraits, which are now far more realistic than ever before. Portrait tattoos have actually become more popular due to the advances in realism.


Traditional American tattoo styles are still what many people think of when they think of tattoos. These tattoos often incorporate a limited color palette and time-honored designs like hearts and anchors. Many aficionados are now getting traditional images blended with other styles.

Fine Line & Micro

Fine line and micro tattoos are often used to apply permanent makeup. The most popular types of permanent makeup include lip liner and eye line. Fine line and micro tattoo techniques can also be used for images.

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