The Power of Short Writing Assignments

The Power of Short Writing Assignments

Assignments do not need to be long to be effective. Short writing assignments are equally effective. They are a great way of practicing writing and thinking in your subject. Also, once shy learners express themselves in writing, it becomes easier for them to express themselves in class. As an educator, here are some of the short writing assignments you can give students to improve their writing and thinking skills.

Creative Responses

Imaginative responses are short writing assignments. For instance, as an English teacher, you can ask students to fictional characters in creative writing pieces and contextualize their thoughts. The teacher may also ask students to embrace a historical figure’s voice. Such writing is a powerful assessment tool for learners.

Prompt With Questions

Besides teaching in the classroom, we should equip students with resources to continue learning. We should also teach the skills and desire to challenge their prejudices- this implies wowing them how to formulate questions. Thus, we should teach them the significance of questioning and various question-writing techniques. During the teaching process, you can call on a student to motivate other students in thinking about the answer. Also, you can ask students to prepare one question in response to a particular text and ask students to exchange them and provide answers for them. You can then review their responses. It is worth noting that you can customize the questions’ specificity and complexity based on their learning needs.

Summaries for comprehension

Summaries encourage students to identify the key arguments, themes, and details in a source or reading. If the reading summary is long, creating a summary becomes more demanding. As a teacher, you need to teach learners how to diligently engage with the source and read while writing down key points. For instance, you can ask them to prepare a summary of the chapter once it is complete. Also, teach them the elements of effective summaries while giving examples. With time, they will perfect their short writing assignment skills.

Keeping It Short

According to Cynthia, an editor at, which an assignment writing service provider, she believes students should keep revisiting writing basics. They can learn how to reduce sentences into a single sentence by:

  • Describing the critical issue or idea in a single sentence.
  • Completing a single sentence memoir or story.
  • Writing a one-sentence summary of a book or article.

Such short sentences will encourage them to select the most appropriate structure and words to pass on a message. While constructing such sentences, they also learn how to prepare grammatically correct and compelling sentences.


Short writing tasks are an opportunity for collaboration among various subjects. It would help if you encouraged them to use vocabulary techniques and words from other disciplines in their writing assignments. For instance, a history teacher may require them to summarize a particular chapter using knowledge gained from the English class. Even science, technology, and mathematics teachers can evaluate the students’ exploratory or informative writing skills by assigning them a short writing task especially when preparing for GRE

Writing mechanics

Writing assignments should be proficient in structure, content, and grammar. Due to their short nature, they allow teachers to focus on punctuation and grammar. To improve the students’ writing mechanics, you may ask the students to write a short essay and include a compound sentence and a quote. Regardless of the method used, the teachers should emphasize the significance of syntax, style, punctuation, and grammar in writing. Moreover, since putting across a message in few words is challenging, the students should learn how to edit their work correctly to ensure it flows. With these simple tips, you will improve your students’ skills in short writing assignments to ensure a stimulating and fun way of teaching writing.


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