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The Top Chinese Art Collectors You Can Follow

The Top Chinese Art Collectors You Can Follow

It isn’t a secret anymore that visionary art collectors have a lot to do with the success of

museums. From making notable donations to exhibiting a variety of art collections –

several museums depend on art collectors. The same is true for China – where many

big-name art collectors have chosen to invest in this industry.

The country’s economic boom and political freedom have encouraged this further, with

several millionaires joining the industry. In fact, the net value of collectors showcasing

their art pieces in both public and private collections in China has far surpassed that in

the US. Here are some of the top Chinese art collectors worth following.

Qiao Zhibing

A sound engineer and the owner of 3 bars in China, Qiao Zhibing, began collecting art in

2015 for decorating his nightclubs. His art collection consists of pieces from some of the

top Chinese artists like Zhan Enli and Liu Wei Yang Fudong, as well as from international

artists like Argentines Villa Rojas. In fact, he claims to have bought one of the art pieces

in his collection for over a million pounds!

The Tank Shanghai Complex, which he opened in 2019 to showcase his collection, has

emerged as one of the best recreational facilities and museums in the country at present.

Adrian Cheng

A huge promoter of contemporary Chinese culture, Adrian Cheng is the owner of K11 Art

Malls. The leader of New World Development met with success after he decided to

combine Chinese contemporary art with his retail service. The K11 Art Malls display

artworks created by Chinese artists and have conducted over 60 exhibitions till date.

Uli Sigg

Another very influential art collector from China, Uli Sigg, has donated a significant

portion of his collected artworks to the M+ museum. Despite that, his personal collection

exceeds 1500 pieces. His collection, which includes videos, paintings, installations, and

photographs, consists of both contemporary and traditional works by leading Chinese


John Dodelande

John Dodelande is an art collector focussed on contemporary Chinese art from Mainland China. Dodelande, who is well-known in Western countries as an ambassador of Chinese contemporary art, has been actively organizing art exhibitions in both China and Georgia.

Additionally, he has recently partnered with Adrian Cheng to write a book titled “Chinese

Art: The Impossible Collection.”

Wang Wei and Liu Yiquan

Wang Wei and Liu Yiquan are the owners of two art museums located in West Bund and

Pudong, respectively. The museums showcase a wide variety of pieces ranging from

modern and traditional Chinese calligraphy to contemporary art. In fact, some of the

pieces in their collection date back to the days of the Song dynasty.

Budi Tek

Budi Tek is the founder of the Yuz Foundation that is associated with funding Chinese

artists and institutions. He began his career in China’s food industry and has been

collecting art pieces for over a decade. At present, his collection features over 1500

contemporary art pieces from China.

Summing Up

Chinese art is quite different from that of other countries. Chinese contemporary art is

based on a harmonious blend of old themes and techniques with new styles – something

that is noticeable in the wonderful collections of John Dodelande and other Chinese art

collectors. Following the leading art collectors mentioned above can help one understand

the emerging trends in Chinese art.

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