The 2023 UEFA Super Cup: Who Will Win?

Super Cup

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

With the UEFA Champions League and Europa League done, we are gearing for an epic showdown between the champions of Europe and the Europa League winners. We’ve witnessed many Super Cup ties over the years, and it goes without saying that it is an excellent one-leg match that gives everything you want in a final.

The competition is all about laying dominance in the overall European tournaments, and it is where the teams try to do all it takes to win. The tournament is sure to be featured as a slot game at the best online casino for top players. In that case, we would see it as it is when we spin the reels. 

As we look forward to the battle between these teams for supremacy in Europe, we check out the previous champions, with Chelsea being the current holders of the competition. The 2020/2021 UCL winners faced the UEL winners, Villareal, in a close tie that went on to penalties as there was nothing to separate both teams. 

In the end, a tactical change of goalkeepers saved Chelsea in the penalty shootout, and they were able to win the competition for the second time in their history. This year’s competition is between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt, a change in the dynamic as we are used to having at least one English team in the competition for many years. 

Frankfurt didn’t have a good season in the German Bundesliga. However, they were able to go through different obstacles, including Barcelona and West Ham United, to win the competition and secure themselves a spot in the Champions League for next season. On the other hand, Real Madrid had a solid season crowned with winning two major trophies. 

With the stage set and every side set, we are looking forward to the match set in August to start the 2022/2023 season. Before the match starts, let’s look at the different teams in the competition and how they might line up for the trophy. Aside from that, we also throw in our opinion about the match.  

Real Madrid Overview

The Spanish giants were dominant in the 2021/2022 season as they blazed through the Spanish La Liga to win the competition in grand style. They were able to make it number 35 as they won their title in three years, which is better than the two-in-nine-year record they had previously.  

The season wasn’t without hitches, especially in the UEFA Champions League. They practically lost at least one game throughout the knockout phase. 

However, they could bring themselves back from the dead at the right moment. It was an epic run throughout the season that left spectators in awe. 

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This drive felt like magic whenever it seemed the team was down and out. We saw an incredible run from them that is up there with some of the best team performances in the world. When they got to the final, we could tell that it would be a game for them to win, and as they scored the first goal, it was just a matter of time.

Eintracht Frankfurt Overview

The team from Germany has all it takes to have a fantastic season. However, they dropped in performance halfway through the season. 

As a result, they couldn’t make it to the top spots to get the automatic qualification. Therefore, they had to fight for the Europa League if they wanted a chance to qualify for the UCL.

They had tough opponents throughout the competition. However, they blazed through, and you couldn’t tell if it was the same team that was having terrible performances throughout their league season. It was an exciting time for the team as they faced Rangers in the final, and they won 1-0 like their UCL counterparts.

Although there were no epic comebacks like Real Madrid, the show throughout the competition for Frankfurt was epic and one to remember. It would be exciting to see how they would play in the Super Cup final and if another German team would win the competition since Bayern Munich won it in 2020. 

Who Would Win the Super Cup?

Both teams are already strengthening their teams for the new season, and the Super Cup is an avenue for them to try the strength of their teams to see if they can work together to win a competitive game. Therefore, it won’t be easy for any team. So, we expect a top-notch back and forth from both teams.

However, Real Madrid has only lost one Super Cup final in the last four finals. Therefore, we expect them to want to make it four in five. So, it would be a full-fledged team against Frankfurt. 

But the Germans could do a lot of damage as well. So, we think it would be a close one, but we believe Real Madrid will win eventually. 

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