The Ultimate Guide To Buying Sports Bras: When To Buy & Care Tips


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The modern Indian woman is concerned for her health and knows how to care for herself. Physical exercise is as much a part of most women’s self-care routine as meditation has been. However, as much as a good sports bra is a wardrobe essential, young women generally lack an excellent guiding light to figure out when is a good time to buy a sports bra and how to care for it once you do. Best Sports Bra are durable as long as they are cared for and maintained properly. Below is the Ultimate Guide To Buying Sports Bras: When To Buy & Care Tips so all your questions can be answered in the same spot.

When should you Buy a Sports Bra

1. High-Intensity Workouts

Are you indulging in high-intensity or high-impact workouts more than before? Some regular bras are comfortable enough to support you through low-intensity or low-impact activities. However, performing your best in high-intensity and high-impact exercises can be very uncomfortable if your breasts are not supported properly. Dense breasts tend to have a lot of dense tissue, which makes your breasts heavier and harder to manage during intense movement without the proper support. So, high-impact bras, also known as encapsulation bras, can help you find individual breast support and prevent rashes from friction or pain from consistent displacement.

2. For Correct Posture and Confidence

It is always a good idea to work out in a good sports bra for the right kind of support and comfort, or preventatively start using one regardless of the intensity or impact of your workouts. However, sports bras are especially helpful in posture correction and improving your confidence during movement. Correct posture is as vital as stamina and strength as you work towards your fitness goals. A good sports bra will fully support your breasts so you can move freer and more energetically. Sometimes heavy or large breasts can be why you walk around with a slouched back. A good compression bra will help you compress your breasts against your chest so your neck and shoulders can be relieved of some weight, provide a healthy posture, and protect you from random aches and pains in your low back, neck, and shoulders.

3. Training Bras

Training bras or comfortable sports bras are vital to a young woman’s journey after she hits puberty. Sports bras, especially compression sports bras, are the most comfortable training bras. They support the natural shape of your breasts so you can combat your shyness and continue to perform confidently. In addition, a good sports bra will inform and enhance your breathing patterns when you first begin to wear the bra and can also keep you comfortable at night if you cannot go braless at night.

Care Tips For your Sports Bra

1. Hand Washing your Sports Bra

Hand washing your sports bras is the best way to keep your bras safe.

  • All three sports bras, compression, encapsulation, and combination sports bra, tend to have removable bra pads now.
  • Remove them before hand washing the sports bra.
  • Gently hand washes the bra and the bra pads one by one with mild detergent for colours.
  • Wash the sports bra inside out and avoid using fabric softener.

2. Machine Washing

Most sports bras today can be washed gently and efficiently in washing machines, if necessary.

  • If washing your sports bra in the machine, wash it separately inside a garment bag to protect the fabric.
  • Wash it with other delicate clothing items and if accessible, use the delicate setting on your washing machine.
  • Avoid using a fabric softener and use a mild detergent for coloured clothing.
  • Preferably, wash your sports bra with similar colours to avoid colour transference.

3. Ideal Storage

Store your sports bras responsibly. Either stack them in a bra organizer one after the other and ensure their bands and straps are spread out and placed correctly. You could also put them folded on top of each other. Please take out the removable bra pads and store them in a smaller netted organizer bag to keep them together and dry in every weather, even during the monsoons!

4. A Good Time to Replace

If your sports bras are fitting and support you right, you will know precisely when it is time to replace them.

  • It is time to replace your sports bra if the straps start to dig into your shoulders or back or fall off your shoulders.
  • If the band starts to push onto your sphincter and you begin getting acidity attacks or if you feel like there is too much space between your body and the band after you lose inches.
  • If the cups start fitting you too tight or loose, that is a good reason to replace your sports bra.

Sports bras are vital to your fitness goals as the proper exercise routine and a nutritious diet plan. Good sports bras will support and fit you properly for a long time, provided you buy them at the right time and maintain them responsibly.

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