Things you should know before moving a pool table

Things you should know before moving a pool table

If you own a pool table, you probably have one of the coolest things in your space. It is a fun and great game to play while get-togethers or parties. However, when it comes to relocating the big pool table, it is not so much fun anymore. You invested a great deal in that and you don’t want to destroy even a part of the huge and grand pool table. You can get information about how to safely move a pool table or just lay back and hire the best pool table removals Melbourne. Either way, you must be aware of facts so that you can ensure zero damage to your favourite indoor game.

Here’s what you must know while pool table relocation

The pool table can weigh from 700-1000 pounds. Or maybe more. The truth is the moving process is complicated and involves special attention in certain ways prior to the actual moving and shifting is initiated. Whether you are planning on doing it on your own or with the help of a professional, you still need to check on a few basic facts.

It is not the job of a one-man army

Although you are strong and enough for all the things that you do, it is not advised to carry on the process of pool table moving without any help. The packing, loading and moving of your pool table have many steps to it. Therefore, precaution is better than cure. If you are seeking professional service for the moving, then you must check if they have enough helpers to proceed with the process.

It cannot be moved intact

The best moving service providers like removalist Melbournesuggest that a pool table must be disassembled before you start relocating. It will give you a sense of security and minimize the risk of any loss or damage. When you separate the parts and pack them accordingly, not only will it be space-effective for transportation, but it will also reduce the efforts to a great extent. The pool table is generally disassembled into legs, felt, rails and slate.

Don’t lose the disassembled parts

Every part that is separated with the best tools and gadgets must be wrapped with equal safety and care. After the dismantling of parts, the next step is very important. You must keep a check that you do not lose the track of even the smallest of parts. This can completely create a mess when you unpack and assemble at your new location. The new parts are not so easily available at stores. So, the best idea is to wrap and label every spare of it. Remember, missing out on even one can cost you a great deal.

Do not hurry while reassembling

It’s a happy day if you got all the pieces of your pool table safely to your new location. It is an accomplishment and you have every reason to celebrate. The celebration means a game of pool but the best moving services suggest you do not hurry about gathering the parts and rejoining it. You could easily crack any part or injure yourself while doing it. The best way is to hire a professional company and meanwhile you can relax in your new space.

A moving company takes care of all these essential steps. The experts and movers are specially trained for offering a cost-effective and no effort solution for helping you relocate your most valuable things like the pool table. Starting from the heavy lifting, labelling, wrapping and rejoining the pool table, the pool table removals Melbourne have specialised and customized service for your convenience.

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