10 Timeshare Cancellation Companies Myths (Debunked!)

10 Timeshare Cancellation Companies Myths (Debunked!)

How many times were you told to stay away from timeshare cancellation companies?

Because they charge you a hefty fee without successfully canceling your timeshare contract.

I am confident you must have heard it at least a gazillion times. And this would’ve given you cold feet to trust the best timeshare cancellation companies.

But, believe me, it’s not true! There are plenty of myths circulating on the internet about timeshare cancellation companies. Which, of course, are far, far away from reality.

 In today’s post, I will bust the 10 most common myths about timeshare cancellation companies. So, you can take help from a reputable timeshare cancellation company. That can help you exit your contract.

Let’s begin…

Debunking Top 10 Timeshare Cancellation Companies Myths

Myth # 1

Never Trust A Company That Doesn’t Give You An Upfront Fee Quotation

People who want to get rid of their timeshare want the cancellation company to give them an exact fee. Or at least tell them the estimated range of the expenses.

Canceling timeshare isn’t a simple process. A company has to study your case and other details like:

  • Mortgage, 
  • Maintenance payments, 
  • Terms of the contract, etc., to help you exit the timeshare. 

Before studying and discussing, timeshare cancellation companies cannot give you an upfront cost. Nor can they get you out of the timeshare in a snap.

This brings us to our second myth, which is…

Myth # 2

Timeshare Cancellation Companies Offer A Quick Solution

No, they don’t. Timeshare cancellation companies aren’t wizards. They don’t have any magical mantra to make you exit your timeshare.

Canceling timesharing is a legal process. It requires proper studying and evaluation of your details. And then the company can cancel your timeshare. 

It takes anywhere between 12 to 18 months to get your timeshare canceled. So, again, timeshare cancellation companies cannot provide an instant fix to solutions.

In fact, it is a red flag if the company promises a quick fix to your problem. Beware of such companies.

Moving on to debunk our next myth, which is…

Myth # 3

Timeshare Companies Only Work As An Adviser

The best timeshare companies undertake all the work for you. They discuss your case, answer your questions, and handle the complete process for you.

So, my dear reader, timeshare companies won’t only be your adviser. They won’t only guide you on how to get rid of the timeshare. Instead, they will help you at every stage and do all the legal work for you.

This will save you a lot of time and cut down the stress that comes with canceling timesharing.

Up next is…

Myth # 4

You Don’t Need A Timeshare Cancellation Company For Exiting Your Contract

Many people hire their family lawyers instead of paying a timeshare cancellation company.

Your family attorney isn’t the right person to help you with timeshare cancelation?


Because lawyers do not have enough information and experience with canceling timeshares. And trust me, your family lawyer cannot gain enough expertise overnight to cancel your timesharing.

Timeshare cancellation companies have a team of competent specialists. They have enough experience to legally get you rid of a timeshare.

 Myth # 5

Experience And Success Records Aren’t Important

Of course, they are! 

A company that has an excellent track record means it has dealt with many different cases. This, in return, increases the chances of dissolving your timeshare safely.

If you want to find out about the company’s experience, schedule a free consultation. Talk to them, ask them about the different types of cases they’ve solved.

While we are on the subject of free consultation, let’s bust the myth associated with it.

Myth # 6

Free Consultation Is A Scam!

Many people have a misconception that free consultation comes with a condition. And that condition is to hire the company after the consultation.

This is again NOT TRUE!

The best timeshare companies do not attach any condition with a free consultation. You can schedule a free consultation with them. And if you are 100% satisfied, then hire them to cancel your timeshare.

Another common myth is…

Myth # 7

Timeshare Cancellation Companies Do Not Return The Fee 

(If they fail to cancel the Timeshar63e!

The best timeshare cancellation companies offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

So, if a reputable company fails to pull you out of the timeshare within a given time, you will get your money back.

The companies that offer money-back guarantees are far more trustworthy than the ones that don’t offer such a guarantee

Talking about trust makes me want to talk about…

Myth # 8

Virtual Timeshare Companies Are Equally Trustworthy As Physical Ones 

Nope, my friend, they aren’t!

A company that has a physical presence and branches across the country is more trustworthy. Virtual companies are good, but it requires a lot of courage to trust them with your legal affairs. 

A physical company allows you to visit its office. You can discuss the matters face to face with the attorneys. This benefit is not available in working with virtual companies. Sure, you can connect over a telephone or video call, but it isn’t the same as live discussions.

Our second last myth of today’s list is…

Myth # 9

Work With A Timeshare Cancellation Company That Uses An Escrow

When you use credit cards for payment, you get the protection of federal law. Escrows are helpful for big real estate and businesses. Because it proves the capability on both sides.

But, using an escrow for timesharing cancellation will add up more fees. It will also complicate your legal work. Hence, if your timeshare cancellation companies suggest you use an escrow, it’s a red flag. 

Because such companies will pile up extra costs and will not get you out of the timesharing.

The last myth on today’s list is…

Myth # 10

Timeshare Companies Ruin Your Credit Score

You harm your credit score when you don’t clear your dues and payments on time. It has nothing to do with timeshare cancellation companies.

It is illegal for a timeshare company to suggest to its client not to pay the maintenance fees or any other costs. The reputable and trustworthy cancellation companies don’t do that.

In fact, they urge their clients to clear their dues on time.

Wrapping Up!

There you have it!

Top 10 most common myths related to timeshare cancellation companies. I hope that this post clears your views about timeshare cancelation companies. 

What are some other timeshare cancellation myths that you’ve heard of? Please share it in the comments below.

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