5 Tips and Tricks for Traveling With a Newborn

5 Tips and Tricks for Traveling With a Newborn

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Hitting the road with a new baby? While it might seem stressful and daunting, traveling with a newborn can be a special experience that will be worth it in the end.

The good news is, there are several things you can do to make newborn travel a lot easier than it can potentially be. To help you be as prepared as possible, read on for our top five tips and tricks on how to travel with a baby.

Don’t Over Pack

You will most definitely be tempted to bring everything and the kitchen sink but, trust us. Just don’t.

Decide what baby gear you can temporarily live without and what cheap pieces you can pick up or rent at your destination. Newborn travel is a fine art and getting down to the basics will save you many headaches throughout your trip.

Reserve a bulkhead seat

When flying with a newborn, a bulkhead seat gives you the option of using a bassinet. This has the advantage of giving baby some space of its own and providing you with some extra legroom.

If the bulkhead seat isn’t an option, or you’re traveling on a bus or train, consider booking an aisle seat so you’ll still have a bit of space to stretch out but also be able to get up and move around freely.

Get to the Aiport Early

Arriving with time to spare means no matter how long the lines are or how much extra rigmarole you need to go through, you won’t be stressing and sweating while lugging all of your luggage.

There’s nothing worse than counting down the seconds until your flight leaves while you are stuck all the way at the back of a line.

Wear Your Baby And Diaper Bag

Wearing your baby in a carrier achieves two main things. Firstly, you’ll have two hands free and trust us, you’ll need them. Navigating airports, maneuvering through crowds, and trying to grab a bite to eat on the road are all made much more difficult with a baby in a stroller.

Secondly, it’ll keep your newborn calm. Traveling with babies can be stressful for the parents but being close to you means they might take the opportunity to have a little nap.

While you’re at it, pop on your diaper bag as well. A backpack style diaper bag, like the EliteBaby diaper bag backpack, is versatile, comfortable, and will help keep everything you need for moving with a newborn all in one place.

Rent a House or Apartment

Hiring a vacation rental when traveling with a newborn gives you access to a kitchen for cleaning bottles or making special meals. It also has the benefit of providing you with much-needed space for all that stuff that you definitely didn’t overpack.

Plus, having a separate room where your newborn can nap out of sight can be a lifesaver. Sometimes just seeing mum or dad moving about means they won’t want to sleep.

Traveling With a Newborn: Easier Than You Think

Sure, it’s not going to be a walk in the park but traveling with a newborn doesn’t have to be the nightmare scenario that you imagine. Take some time to plan everything out and you and baby will be at your destination safe and happy before you know it. For more on all things travel, head to our Travel section to keep learning.

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