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Tips and tricks to Maximize Auto flower Yields


The best tips and tricks for increasing yields in cannabis plants are constantly sought by growers. While most growers are skilled, they lack the knowledge to make informed decisions. This is a major handicap in growing auto flowers. Auto flowers are fast-growing and can produce high yields within a short time. However, this is only possible with experience. Although they can be grown just like photoperiod plants, there are many stark differences.

Acapulco gold

Acapulco gold auto flower a popular strain of cannabis. It is known for its euphoric, energizing effects. It is said to reduce fatigue and stress as well as pain and nausea.

Acapulco gold has medical benefits

Acapulco gold is a high-THC strain that medical patients love. This strain is a classic Sativa with 20 to 24% THC. This strain is a great choice for mild aches and pains. This herb can also be used to alleviate depression and promote a positive attitude.

This strain has a lot of cerebral effects due to high THC levels. It is a great choice for anyone who needs a boost and inspiration.

This strain can provide a gentle buzz that helps to ease pain and stimulates the libido.

Auto flowers can be grown easily and are the newest craze in cannabis cultivation. They are fast-growing and produce great yields so there is no reason not to grow them. Because they are less patient than traditional cannabis plants, they can be intimidating. There is no gain without pain so you may want to be ready for anything.

Auto flowers are often thought to produce low yields. This is false. Auto flowers can produce huge yields in just 2 months. If you want to get the most out of your auto flowers, there are 7 tricks and tips that you can use to maximize their yields.

How can you maximize the yields of auto-flowering plants?

1 Get ready

You should not be unsure about any of these questions. While other types of plants can help you plan your garden after sowing the seeds, auto flowers are not able to do that. Once you have soaked the seeds in water, the clock begins to tick. Make sure to think about everything, including the medium, container, and lighting before you plant anything.

You should also do your research to ensure that you are purchasing the best quality autoflowering seeds. It’s possible to do everything perfectly, but the seeds may not produce high-yielding plants. Don’t take the chance of transplanting

Because auto flowers don’t have much time to recover after transplantation, it is best to start them in their final containers. Transplant shock can severely damage the plant, and even a few days in the vegetative phase can cause yields to drop drastically.

Some growers even grow autos like photoperiod plants, transplanting them twice as often. They are skilled growers who have succeeded after many failures.

However, if you insist on transplanting, ensure that the medium used is the same. If your seedling grows in a mixture of cocoa coir, compost, and potting soil, you should transfer it to another container with the same mixture. To ensure that the soil is moist, water the container for a few hours before transplanting. The soil can cause severe damage to the roots if it is too dry or too wet.

Importantly, transplant only once the roots are fully grown. Otherwise, the soil may settle on the roots and cause them to fall apart. Also, wait until the roots are a little bit bound. Because there are so many factors, it is best to begin in the last containers. You’re ready to reap great yields if you don’t disturb the environment.

3) You should choose containers that drain well

Containers should be proportional to the plant’s size. Medium-sized plants will need containers that hold at least 5 to 7 gallons, while large plants will require pots larger than 11 gallons. The type of container you use plays an important role. Auto flowers prefer aerated soil that drains well. Use breathable containers such as fabric pots to allow for maximum drainage.

4) Lower nutrient strength

Beginners often load their plants with excessive nutrients and then burn them. While we understand that you love your auto flowers, you are only harming them by giving them more nutrients. While photoperiod plants tend to have larger roots, auto flowers have smaller roots and need to be fed the appropriate nutrients.

5) Pay attention to the pH

The pH of auto flowering cannabis strains is an important factor. It doesn’t matter if you grow hydroponically, or use soil for a medium, pH matters. Many growers believe that the plant is suffering from nutritional deficiencies. However, most problems arise due to pH imbalance.

6) Light cycle

Even though they only get 12 hours of sunlight from seed to harvest, auto flowers can still grow. They can adapt to any environment and are resilient. However, they thrive when they get 18 hours of sunlight and 6 hours of darkness. Although some growers offer 24 hours of light from the beginning to harvest, it is not recommended as plants require rest and recovery like us.

7) Proper training techniques

Auto flowers are not able to use every training method that works for other cannabis plants because of time constraints. 

LST involves bending the stems so that light can penetrate the lower portions of the plant. Auto flowers are known for producing one large cola and small bullets, which are what we call popcorn buds.




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