Tips For Buying Jeans According to Your Body Type


Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

What are the best styles of jeans for your body shape? High-rise jeans are best for curvy women, while straight leg jeans flatter the apple shape. For short women, baggy silhouettes look best. Blazers with structured shoulders add a masculine touch. If you’re between body types, look for low-rise jeans. These styles will accentuate your curves and complement your shape.

High-Rise Jeans Work Best For Curvy Women

Curvy women have different needs when it comes to the way their jeans fit. High-rise jeans are designed to flatter your curves without cutting off your midsection. A high-rise jean should sit just above the hip and hug your waist. This helps to create a defined and held-in silhouette, while at the same time lengthening your legs. High-rise womens skinny jeans with curvy fit work best on curvy women who have natural curves and want to emphasize those curves.

 One of the most popular styles from Universal Standard features a high-rise waist and an invisible built-in stretch. They also come in tall and regular lengths and four different washes. Straight leg jeans are another great choice for curvy women. They balance out the curves of the body and are very versatile. Kendra Straight Leg In Rinse Supersoft is a great pair of curvy girl jeans that offers a high-rise and straight leg. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the dark wash makes it a perfect choice for curvy women. They also have a zipper fly and a button-down closure to keep them secure and comfy.

The best high-rise jeans for curvy women are those that hug the thigh and flare above the knee. A high-rise flare denim can help balance out the proportions of your figure and make you look hourglass. They can help you get a curvy silhouette while hiding areas that aren’t flattering. They can also be worn by women with slim legs and a low-rise flare

Straight Leg Jeans Work Best For Apple-Shaped Women

Women with an apple-shaped figure should avoid tight-fitting jeans that are too wide, because the effect will only accentuate their bum or tummy. Instead, choose jeans with straight legs, slim fit or cropped legs. Avoid mom jeans, which will hide the shape of your leg, making you look frumpy. Instead, choose jeans with interesting hem details. This will draw the eye down your leg and give your bottom a bit more depth.

The most flattering jeans for an apple-shaped woman are those with straight legs. They elongate the legs, slim down the hips, and support the thighs. This kind of style is lightweight and comfortable, and the relaxed fit allows for easy movement. It also makes your legs look longer. Straight leg jeans come in a variety of washes and are made of high-quality material. They are also flattering to women with apple-shaped bodies, and can be worn by anyone.

A straight leg jeans can be worn at a casual day out or you can pair it with a shimmery black top at night and sport a pearl necklace with it. You must have to carry this look properly and for that you have to know how to wear pearl necklace with jeans. Knowing how to style your look is essential as well. 

Baggy Silhouettes Work Best For Short Women

The right kind of coat is the first step to flattering a petite frame. Choose a coat that fits tightly and doesn’t have too much layering. Oversized coats will drag down a petite frame and make it look boxy. Too many layers also create a horizontal line that will cut off your overall proportion. 

This is not flattering to a petite frame, so opt for a well-fitted coat instead.

For a short woman with a wide-leg silhouette, choose one with vertically-inspired pattern. Wear them with a slim heel to add height to the look. A cropped wide-leg style doesn’t flatter a short woman; stick to full-length pants instead. If your height is not too high, wear high-heeled sandals for extra height. You can also choose a wrap dress.

If your waist size isn’t too large, choose a blouse with a V-neckline. This style will make you look taller. The V-neckline will not overemphasize your full bust. The blue jackets also look good on short women, but don’t forget about the pockets! The jackets don’t add much bulk but will still flatter your figure. You should also avoid jackets that have extra padding on the shoulders.

Fit Structured At Shoulders Offer a Sexy Inspired Look

While blazers used to be reserved for the office, they’ve become a versatile piece for the weekend or evening events. The perfect blazer is structured in the shoulders and should be comfortable to wear. The shoulder seam should sit directly at your shoulder, and the blazer should not pinch your arm when you move your arms. The sleeves should also be cuffed or tailored to fit comfortably. Try trying on your blazer with other clothes underneath. This way, you can adjust the fit if it feels too tight.

A blazer that fits structured at the shoulders offers a sexy menswear-inspired look. Those with slim shoulders should try a blazer with structured shoulder panels. Your stylist will recommend one that’s made from a stretchy fabric. The Camden Stretch blazer from Stitch Fix is an example of an edgy blazer with feminine details and a structured shoulder.


If you have an hourglass figure, look for jeans that accentuate your curves. Bootcut or straight leg styles usually work well, as do high-waisted cuts. Avoid overly distressed or baggy styles.    If you have a pear shape, try flared or bootcut jeans to create a more balanced silhouette. A dark wash and low rise will also help to elongate your legs.

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