Tips For Decluttering When You Have Kids

Tips For Decluttering When You Have Kids

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

The sight of a house with kids is often different from other houses. You can expect more clutter with kids and a mom struggling to manage her time and take care of that clutter. There could be piles of toys and unwashed clothes taking over the house. It’s a common situation in every home with little children, and there’s no need to pass judgment. It is never minimalist with kids; you will often have a stock of dry milk formula, diapers, napkins, and whatnot. It would help if you always had a surplus of babies’ items. Though it is useful when the time comes, it adds to the clutter in your house until it is required.

Why do you need to declutter your house?

Decluttering with children takes a lot longer than decluttering in general. Here it is an extensive but ongoing process. You might think, why bother decluttering when you already know that it can’t stay organized for a long time? But studies have shown that decluttering has health benefits too. If you have persistent clutter in your house, it can cause depression. It can also impact your mood when you see things lying around your house disorderly. The space might often feel closed on you as unwanted stuff occupies the needed space in your home.
However, even in that situation, it sometimes becomes challenging to manage with this much clutter. So, what can you do to declutter your house when you have kids?

Put the unnecessary stuff in a storage unit

As your kid is growing, there might be many things that they don’t need right now. You might want to save it for your next kid. So the best option is to rent a space in a self storage unit. You can access this storage space whenever you want and keep your stuff safe. Self-storage units can be easily found online according to your location by simply searching for them on Google. It can help you declutter your house with everything you need, yet you don’t use it now.

Get rid of what you don’t need

At the start, when you have a lot of clutter to organize, you might need to go through a massive purge. Go from one room to another and collect all the unwanted stuff. Depending on the categories, you can make piles of stuff, such as toys, clothes, and other accessories. Once you make piles, you can now again look through them and separate anything important that you might have added. Take them out too. Now you only have things in the pile that you don’t need.
You have two options, either donate the stuff in a pile or make a yard sale to get rid of them. If you know charities that take care of kids, you can send the clothes and toys. Otherwise, you can make some money out of this stuff too. If you wish to donate, contact the charity organization in your town, and they will give you a pickup.

Leave some breathing space

How does it happen that you arranged your kid’s stuff in the drawers, which becomes clutter in no time? Often it happens when you don’t leave space among the things when you are arranging things. This way, when you take one piece out, it brings other things with it. Therefore when you organize items in your baby’s drawer or cupboard, leave some space around the objects.

Keep toys according to the age of your baby

Your kid’s room has all kinds of toys in it. Some of them might be from when your kid was learning to crawl and trying to hold objects. Others are moving aids related to helping your kid walk and recognize things such as shapes. As a result, depending on your child’s age, some toys are unnecessary. The best way is to declutter the toy’s room by replacing the older toys with newer ones that help your kid learn according to its age. Also, make sure you don’t have any broken toys. They can hurt your kid and add to unnecessary clutter too.

Sort stuff in the containers

The key to decluttering is organizing stuff according to the categories. You can make different containers for various kids’ garments such as socks, vests, undershirts, etc. This way, you won’t be rummaging only one drawer to find everything. Sorting things in this way leaves fewer chances of dealing with a jumbled mess of all kinds of products.

Limit your kid’s stuff to one place

The idea is to limit your kid’s clutter. One of the ways is to contain it in your kid’s room only. Their toys, clothes, and accessories should not reach other house areas, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and living area. If this happens, it is like opening a Pandora box that you can’t handle easily.
If you limit your kid’s stuff to one area of the house, sorting them becomes more manageable and takes less time. In this way, your home stays clean and ready for visitors.

Include decluttering in your daily chores

You can’t put off organizing your child’s room until the weekend. This is the point when the mess becomes unmanageable. Make time for your everyday tasks, and don’t forget to include your children’s clutter. Try to spend some time each day organizing their belongings. You won’t have a mound of stuff to deal with at the end of the week this way. This routine is mandatory to get a clutter-free house with kids. Remember that everyday clutter includes more than simply your children’s belongings; it includes things like daily mail, tidying up the floor, and daily cleaning.
Include your kids in your decluttering routine
Does not it sound good to include your kids in the decluttering too? You might not get convinced with this idea initially, but once you practice, you will know that it would be a great help. This way, you are also helping your kids learn too. They might get used to this routine of putting their toys back in the containers and organizers.


Decluttering with kids can be very overwhelming; it can become easier with time. Keeping the toys in the kids’ room, donating excessive stuff, and putting some things in the storage unit can be a start for decluttering your house. If your kid is old enough to know what you are saying, you can also teach them to put their things back in the containers. You should also make sure not to have any broken things and only have those toys suitable according to your kid’s age. Above all, make sure decluttering is part of your daily cleaning routine. These tips can help you with decluttering when you have kids and, hence, reduce your stress.