5 Tips for Forming Your Brand

5 Tips for Forming Your Brand

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Many people are leaving the traditional workplace to start a business and be their own boss. Some of the most recognizable companies and entrepreneurs today have a distinctive brand that is instantly recognizable, both visually and in substance. Starting from scratch can be intimidating, especially when you don’t have experience with marketing. Thankfully tools like Namify’s brand name generator make this part of the process easier than ever. Here are five tips for building your brand from the ground up.

1. Understand Your Customers

You probably have a good idea of your strengths and the direction you want to move in. The next step is finding out who your customers are and what they want. This will help you identify how to best connect with your audience and form your visuals and marketing materials accordingly. Start by searching online for keywords related to your audience, and see what people are connecting with. Check out social media pages they like, too. 

2. Pick Your Name

Now that you better understand your business and customer, you can choose a name that makes sense. Namify offers a name generator that will save you tons of brainstorming time. By typing a couple of keywords and selecting your category, you can generate thousands of name ideas in seconds. 

3. Use Uniform Social Media Handles

Social media is key to promoting your products and services, and you want consumers on all platforms to be able to find you easily. The name generator saves you time here, too. When you click on potential names that you like, it shows you what social sites have that handle available. This is another huge time saver, keeping you from checking individually for each name you might want to use. 

4. Build a Website

Your website is the landing page for all customers to see what you’re about and buy your products. It needs to represent who you are and what you offer and be easily accessible to those that heard or saw your brand name or services somewhere. Namify’s tools account for that by showing you available domains with each name idea. This consolidates your work so that you don’t have to go to domain sites and search for availability yourself. 

5. Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

People have short attention spans and are bombarded by information every day. That’s why it’s crucial you can summarize what you have to offer in a couple of sentences. You can use this as your bio on social sites or when people ask you what your business is. Start by identifying what problems you are addressing for your audience, and use that in your description, so people understand why your service is important.

Building your brand with care will help your growth and longevity because customers will understand what you have to give. It also means you are reliable and consistent, so buyers feel they can trust you. The smart tools above make the branding process exponentially easier and save you time so you can focus on your products.

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