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Tips to enhance JioFi Speed within 2 Minutes

Tips to enhance JioFi Speed within 2 Minutes

As we all know about JioFi dongle is very popular and most usable net device in India. Jio is the one who launched portable 4g wifi hotspot through jiofi dongle, where multiple users can connect their laptops mobile phones and other net connecting devices through it. It was a revolution done by Jio.

Earlier, we have seen all the companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea and other telecom companies were providing single user dongle where only one user can use at time, but in Jiofi you can use it like wifi router which connects with multiple users.

As the user increased, people started facing n slow net browsing. Her in this post I will tell you about how to increase JioFi speed within 2 minutes.

Step by step process to increase JioFi Speed in just 2 minutes.

Step1: connect your jiofi device with your laptop or computer.

Step: Open your browser and type jiofi.local.html and click enter.

Step3: You will see user name and password option.

Step4: Default user name and password is “Administrator” you can change it later as per your own comfort ability.

Step5: Click on setting->LTE-> APN

Step6: Here you have to choose APN for network section and make it manual if it is Auto.

Step7: Change ip type to IPV4 only and then click on Apply.

Then just restart and see the performance of speed. As company is claiming 100mbps speed, somewhere it very good and somewhere it is poor. Most of places where signal is low there people are facing low connectivity or low net browsing. If you want to see online streaming videos, videos on YouTube or any other online sources then you must need a good internet connection. As compared to other jiofi is much better to browse internet, surfing and connectivity.

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