5 Tips to Organize Your Closet Storage

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Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Your closet is one of the most important parts of your room. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the average person’s closet to be cluttered.

A cluttered closet is almost impossible to use and even more difficult to walk in. For this reason, your closet storage should be a top priority when cleaning your bedroom.

Fortunately, there are several closet storage systems you can try to keep your bedroom looking its best. In this article, you’ll learn about five effective closet storage ideas you can start using today.

1. Plan Your Closet Space Accordingly

Many people treat their closet like an afterthought. Rightfully so, a lot of people will throw their clothes and shoes into their closets after a long, busy day. Over time, clutter can build up even if you regularly clean your closet.

The solution is planning how you will use your closet space based on how much you use certain items. For example, if you only wear specific boots a few times every year, it makes sense to allocate their space to more frequent clothing items in your everyday life.

If you aren’t using particular clothing items on a regular basis, it may be better to store them in a garage or donate them to charity to avoid cluttering your closet.

2. Keep Your Boots Organized

Large boots can easily take up a lot of space in your closet. As a result, it’s very important to purchase a closet shoe storage product to properly organize your boots.

Throwing your boots in your closet or using some random organization order can take away space from shoes you wear every day. Organizing your boots requires you to make a lifestyle decision.

Do you wear your boots often, or are they a choice for the fall and winter months? If you don’t wear your boots on a regular basis, you should consider storing them in another place or purchasing a storage closet organizer.

3. Stop Stacking Your Sheet Sets

If you have a lot of sheet sets for your bed, storing these products can be a hassle. Sheet sets are made from flimsy material and aren’t easy to stack.

One rumble in your closet could cause your stacks to fall over to the ground. Besides, these stacks are never tidy and could still clutter your closet.

Make sure to stack your sheet sets into their pillowcases to avoid creating disorganized stacks in your closet.

4. Use Soda Tabs to Increase Your Hanging Capacity

Despite your closet size, it’s possible to hang all of your clothes with some creativity. For example, you can use soda tabs to place a hanger on the bottom of another to double your closet’s hanging capacity.

This easy-to-use closet organization tip can help you reduce clutter in record time.

5. Add a Light

A dark closet is a breeding ground for disorganization and clutter. When you add a light to your closet, you can also find what you’re looking for quicker and realize when it’s time to clean up.

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