Tips to Prevent Mold from Your Home in Summer


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Long summer seasons and high humidity conditions are present in Dubai. Therefore, mold problems in Dubai are more. Mold is a type of airborne fungus that can grow in different areas of our home and can damage organic matter as well as negatively affect human health. Mold growth becomes worse when the temperature rises. They produce airborne spores that settle on clothes, buildings, and moist surfaces. These spores cause allergies and damage the health of your family. Here are some tips to keep an eye out for mold and prevent mold in your home.

Tips to Prevent Mold from Your Home in Summer

Keep Your Home Clean

Mold can quickly grow on unclean areas, leftover foods, damp wood or clothes. Always keep in mind that your home should be clean and free of excess moisture. Mold thrives in moist places of home-like under kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, roof leaks etc. To avoid the growth of mold in such areas wash them with bleach or any hydrogen peroxide-based solution—dry items thoroughly before storing them. Use disinfectants and fungicides for better results.

Reduce Indoor Humidity

One of the possible ways to reduce mold growth is to control the humidity inside the home. Humidity inside the house should always be less than 50%. To monitor the humidity, you can use a hygrometer and then take further precautionary steps if the humidity percentage increases from a specific value.

  • Use air conditioner as warm air is more humid than cold air
  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of moisture in the air
  • use exhaust fans while showering or when using a stove in the kitchen. 
  • Clean up water spills
  • Repair leaks in roofs or pipes 

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Control Temperature 

Molds require a specific temperature to grow and multiply that is between 77 to 86 degree Fahrenheit. During summer months the temperature inside the home is also higher than normal. Do all the possible things to make your home cooler than the temperature at which mold grows

  • Monitor the temperature of the air conditioner
  • Use window blinds during day time
  • Make sure that ventilators are working well
  • Replace or turn off yellow light bulbs they give off a lot of heat 

Allow Proper Air Circulation

Stagnant air always promotes the mold growth. Proper circulation of air throughout the home can help you to prevent mold in your home. To improve the airflow, let all the vents of your home open. Fresh air also helps dry out damp places and remove nasty odors. 

Keep Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a simple and easy way to increase indoor air quality. Indoor plants do not require much sunlight and also give an aesthetic look. Additionally, succulent plants absorb moisture from air and help in controlling humidity.

Above mentioned tips will help you to know how to prevent mold in UAE. But if mold appears despite your best efforts, it is recommended to consult a professional who provides mold remediation service in Dubai. An expert who can inspect your home and help you to get rid of mold permanently.

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