Tips to Use Google Trends for SEO

Tips to Use Google Trends for SEO

Google Trends is a holy grail of data that website owners can use and take advantage of it to improve the overall SEO. This tool gives you access to valuable trends that are going all over the world without spending anything. Whether you are a local business owner or running a multi-national E-Commerce store, Google Trends can help you have an edge and give exactly what customers are looking for.

If you are new to Google Trends and looking for tips to use it, we have got you covered. In this post, we will look at the top ways that you can use to thrive online.

Keyword research

The most significant advantage of using Google Trends is that you can use it for geo-based keyword research to hone your SEO game. This tool will give you graphs and usage of keywords in that particular geo that you set before you hit the search. By default, it will give you the data with the range of one year and you can also customize it as you need as per your research. You can compare the trends of 3-4 years and last year to know which are the true trends vs which were only hype.

In the graphs, it will show you interest over time within the range of 0 to 100 in which hundred is the highest in terms of interest. This data comes in handy if you are looking to compare the past and present performance of a trend or a keyword.

Another feature of Google Trends that helps you take an edge in the industry is access to related keywords. These are similar to LSIs but are suggested by Google that these keywords are also appearing in the trends list. This feature is compelling as it lets you identify more relevant keywords better to empower your core research.

This tool brings you the results(keywords) in order of their popularity, and along with this, the tool will also provide you with the exact percentage of search volume increase for each keyword. As these suggested keywords also rank at certain regions, you can use them to hone your geo-based SEO strategy. If you are just starting out with SEO, Google Trends is a go-to tool for your research.

The best way to rank higher in SERP and make the SEO powerful is to cover related topics that your audience is searching for. Google Trends helps you identify related topics to the main keyword that you can include in your core research.

In the table that is on the left side of Related Queries, you will find another table called Related Topics. Rather than giving you specific search terms, this table offers you great insights about what people are searching for that will help you improve your content strategy. These are useful recommendations that you get for free especially when you are just starting out. These related topics will also help you optimize the older content with these related topics and boost ranking.

Improve your geo-targeting

If you need to target multiple regions in your SEO strategy, Google Trends offer you the best way to do it in a hassle-free manner. All you need to do is only select the location and then search for a term. You can check the present and the past trends for it. Your content marketing team can make better decisions based on the data. Using this feature, you can prepare a long-term strategy to rank your blogs and landing pages. It’s helpful for companies that are planning to launch new services in different geographies.

The results you get from Google Trends, you can use in Google’s Keyword Planner tool to check the accurate search volume. Once you pick the suitable keywords and check their volumes, you are good to go and use them in your content strategy.

Get long-term keywords

Long-term keywords are a valuable asset to your SEO strategy and you can easily get them from Google Trends. In the related queries, you will find several long-tail keywords that the audience is searching for. If you drop a question instead of a single keyword, you will get more relevant questions that you can use in your content creation strategy.

It’s the easiest way to rank your long-form content and outperform your competitors. It’s ideal that you include a couple of questions in your content to gain more traction from the audience and generate organic traffic. Here, try to pick evergreen questions that will not lose their relevance in the years to come. Avoid using questions that are ranking only because of ongoing trends that will go flat sometime soon.

Final thoughts

These are the top ways to improve your SEO using Google Trends. Try out these tips and you will for sure get positive results and good traction from the organic channels.

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