Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Eyelash Box Packaging

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Last Updated on July 13, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

If you ask an entrepreneur what’s the most important of part business, he won’t think twice before telling you that it’s your product. But once you power through this, there are countless things you need to keep in mind to improve your sales and product offerings. One of those ways is to leverage quality packaging. Take eyelash manufacturers, for instance. Even though these brands don’t have a huge footprint, they are keen to roll out their lashes in exquisitely designed boxes. But the question is how one can navigate the confusing world of packaging, especially when you have multiple options to pack your product and a limited budget to ace the fierce competition. At The Legacy Printing, we specialize in delivering stellar custom eyelash boxes and being an expert, here we will share our top tips to improve your eyelash box packaging.      

Don’t Exhaust your Savings

By the time a customer is all set to buy your eyelashes, she has already committed to what she is buying. In this situation, there is no need to go the extra mile to impress the buyer. However, if you have the means, there is no harm in going above and beyond. On the other hand, if you are on a shoestring budget, you should look to leave a profound impression. 

Merchants that strive to personalize their eyelash box packaging exceed customers’ expectations by infusing exquisite elements without breaking their bank. Add-ons like tissue paper, ribbons, foil stamping, or thank-you notes are all fantastic ways to deliver custom packaging experience without going beyond your means.  

Trends come and go like the tides. Likewise, holiday events or seasonal releases last no more than a few weeks. While you transform your website or brick-and-mortar store to reflect those events, the packaging often gets overlooked in the shuffle. Most people presume that once they turned their eyelash packaging box design into reality, they have nothing more to change. Holy cow!

With more and more companies like The Legacy Printing catering minimum orders, changing your packaging design has become easier than ever. Again, it’s about making a profound impact. If you want your target audience to remember your new fashion eyelashes, create custom eyelash boxes with relevant color tones and hashtags. In short, there are multiple ways to incorporate the packaging into what’s going on.

So retailers should think of packaging as an extension of their branding.

Develop Highly Visible Packaging

We live in the eon of social media, where people share almost everything. While they include travel experiences, everyday meals, and awkward moments on the subway, people aren’t reluctant to share their experiences. People want to share their purchases along with the packaging. It means you, too, shouldn’t hesitate to give your customers beautiful custom eyelash boxes. It will encourage them to share your product and package on social media.

Similarly, packaging your lashes in branded packaging makes them highly visible to your customers the minute they’ll step into the shop. Using your packaging boxes as a branding opportunity is critical to achieving success in retail.   

Research by Dotcom Distribution has revealed that four in 10 customers would share the picture of delivery if they received the order in a premium box. This can give your branding and social posting an instant boost. More importantly, we exist in a world where sharing wonderful moments have become a norm, so it’s a no-brainer to give your customers such an opportunity.

In the end, eyelash boxes can be something that can be as thrilling or as mundane as you want it to be. But when you can carve the packaging in a blink of an eye, one should make the most of it.

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