“In Investing what is comfortable is rarely profitable.”

-Robert Arnott.

Are you looking for a prodigious amount of money to save up for your future? Then, my friend, let me tell you that the best way to earn and save up money for the future is by stock trading. The stock market is an exciting place. And, only the learned and proficient folks can smoothly excel in this field. Are you an amateur? Well, not to worry as in this article we have jotted down the top 5 websites where you can learn stock trading. You can enrich yourself with stock market knowledge through a myriad of stock market courses

On these websites, you will get free and paid trading and investing courses. The courses have helped thousands of people to make a career out of stock trading. Only when you are learned and know the tips and tricks of stock trading, your journey up the hill will be smooth. Gone are days when people considered the stock market is risky. In this era, with e-learning, nothing is risky or impossible. 

Head down and discover the best stock market that will simplify the stock market for you. 

Why choose stock market to create wealth?

Trading in stocks helps you plan your future better and make you financially independent. The profit you earn is greater in number and you can invest further as well as save up for your future. When you educate yourself about stocks, you play in the stock market smartly. 

Investing in stocks is a long process. You do not gain in a short duration. Rather, for greater returns, you have to wait longer. When you invest, you build long-term wealth. Investing in stocks is a risky game, but you can lower the risks with appropriate knowledge and practice. According to finance experts, stock market investing with diligence and patience over the decades is specifically the best way to build wealth. 

What are the ways to learn stock trading?

There are ample ways to learn stock trading. The best way to do this is to get on the field with apt knowledge. 

  1. You can buy your first share of stocks and get started by practicing through Virtual Trading websites and apps. 
  2. Read books and articles. 
  3. Study about successful stock traders and read their inspiring stories.
  4. Stay updated and vigorously follow the activities of the study market.
  5. Explore webinars and online share market courses. There is a myriad of sites where you can get free as well as paid share market courses online. 

Before we move further, it is crucial to note that there is a slim difference between stock trading and stock investing. Stock trading involves buying and selling stocks for a short-term gain. On the other hand, stock investing means purchasing stocks for long-term gains. 

Whether you want to trade in stocks or invest, it is important that you learn properly from stock market courses. Below we have listed top websites that will help you ace in stock trading. 

Top 5 Websites to Learn Stock Trading

NSE India

The official website of the National Stock Exchange houses stock quotes of companies listed under NSE and financial information. If you want to learn stock trading, then this is one of the best websites. The information is consistently updated as well as accurate.

The companies under NSE have an obligation to submit their reports. So, you will get quarterly reports, block deal details, shareholding patterns, and many more. In addition, NSE also offers share market courses known as NCFM. So, not only do you learn from a company’s present and past data, but also enrich yourself in theoretical knowledge. 

2. Elearnmarkets

This is one of the top websites to learn about stock market investing, trading, Nifty, Equity, to name a few. Elearnmarkets is an online hub for all Indian stock market traders and enthusiasts. 

You get to learn from 24X7 available courses, PDFs, downloadable contents, and videos, all from the comfort of your home. You can get access to both free and paid courses. All the stock market courses are jointly certified by NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets and you get a certificate to boast after the completion of courses. 

Certification in Online Research, Trading and Advisory is the most comprehensive course in the stock market. The course on Elearnmarkets are curated by experts and you get exposure to live trading in derivatives, equity, commodity markets, and currency. The live market trading sessions give you the quintessential practical hands-on experience. 

Elearnmarkets blog is a spectacular free learning resource for stock market learning. You can get access to the blog directly on their website and open the doors to your financial literacy. The most unique feature of this website is the ELM School where you will get quizzes, modules, games, and calculators for the SIP calculator, Present Value, EMI calculator, and much more. 

The website also hosts regular webinars by experts like P R Sundar, Subhadip Nandy, Premal Parekh, Vivek Bajaj to name a few. The webinars are knowledge enriched and you get to hear about the stock market from experts who trade on a daily basis. This gives you an edge on your trading knowledge. 

3. BSE India

This is the official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE India website is mostly identical to the NSE India website with respect to the information. However, more data is found on the BSE India website as the number of companies listed with BSE India is comparatively higher than that of NSE India.

The chief information available on BSE India that will help you in learning stock trading is public offers, charts, indexes, IPOs, foreign and public investors, etc. Just like the NSE India website, you will quarterly reports, stock quotes, and block deal details. If you are rooting to trade in a company that is listed under the Bombay Stock Exchange, then there is no better website than BSE India to get hold of precious data.

4. Udemy

We all know about Udemy. It is one of the most popular sites for online learning. Udemy has varied courses starting from Marketing, Health, Political Science, English, Psychology, and even Stock Trading.

Udemy’s stock market courses are enriched and they cover a variety of topics. Starting from building foundations to fundamental analysis to stock trading. You can easily learn about stock trading by availing their “The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course”. By availing this course, you will get to learn about different stock exchanges, money management, how to reduce losses, and trading psychology. 

5. Investing.com

Investing.com is an amazing site where you will get comprehensive information regarding public companies. On this website, you will get to perform both technical and fundamental stock analysis. The top feature of this website is “Stock Screener” where shortlist and screen stocks on the basis of capitalization, ROE, PE ratio, etc.

Just like any other site on this list, you will get charts, general information, analysis and news, forums, technical, fundamentals, etc. There are a number of free tools that you can use on this website to enhance your stock trading learning experience. Their free blog is just an added bonus.  


Stock market trading is a great avenue for small-term gain. The most crucial aspect of stock market trading is appropriate knowledge and hands-on experience. You can get knowledge by availing stock market courses of your choice and reinforcing your performance. The above websites are the top websites for learning stock market trading and will surely ensure your growth in the stock market sector. 



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