Top 5 Advantages of Bird Baths and Feeders

Top 5 Advantages of Bird Baths and Feeders

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Birds are dying at alarming rates in the USA, and scientists are unsure why.

It’s likely due to a combination of factors: new illnesses, disturbed migration routes, and habitat and food source loss. Do you want to help the birds in your area? Installing birdbaths and feeders in your garden is one way to do your bit in protecting these precious animals and the local ecosystem.

Read on to learn more about this and other benefits of the best bird feeders and birdbaths in home gardens.

Attract the Birds and the Bees

Probably the most apparent advantage of including bird feeders and birdbaths in your garden planning is that they attract birds and other beneficial animals and insects.

A feeder is primarily helpful for birds—though squirrels and other small mammals will likely be attracted to the seeds and fruit as well. A birdbath, on the other hand, provides a place for a wide variety of animals and insects to clean themselves or get necessary hydration.

And don’t think you need to have one or the other, either. Since each provides a different service, both are beneficial additions to your yard.

Educate Your Kids—and Yourself!

Bird feeders, like those sold at, and birdbaths attract birds to your yard. And that’s a great thing if you’re keen to educate yourself or your children about your local flora and fauna. 

If you’re not sure exactly which birds are visiting your yard, it’s a chance to do some research. You can download tons of apps or visit websites like The Cornell Lab’s All About Birds or The Audubon (Guide to North American Birds

If you track the birds seasonally, you’ll start to notice interesting things like migration, nesting, and breeding habits.

Improve Your Soil

Birds don’t just splash around in birdbaths. Once they’re familiar with your hard, they’ll start scratching around in your garden beds, too. Don’t worry; this is a good thing!

As the birds dig for worms or other burrowing insects, they’ll loosen and aerate the soil. As they move their feet, they remove weeds shallow-rooted weeds. The extra air and more crumbly soil also help deeper-rooted plants flourish.

If you’re lucky, the birds might even act as natural pest control. They love to eat the caterpillars, snails, and slugs munching on your vegetables.

They’re Nice to Look At

A beautifully crafted birdbath bowl or handmade feeder adds a touch of color and art to your garden. Look for items made by local ceramicists, mosaic artists, or woodworkers.

Alternatively, get your kids to make one of each for the garden. They’ll be thrilled to see animals interacting with their creation, and the practical artworks will add a whimsical touch to the yard.

Birdbaths and Feeders: A Gardner’s Duty

If you’re keen to increase biodiversity in your garden and help preserve local bird populations, add a few birdbaths and feeders to your garden.

Not only will the animals love them, but you’ll also get a lot of joy out of observing the creatures that visit them daily. There’s nothing better than sitting outside with a cup of hot coffee listening to morning birdsong!

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