Top 10 Best Vape Pen Flavors

Top 10 Best Vape Pen Flavors
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Are you looking for some vape pen flavors?

Vaping became a popular trend among most adults today. It’s an alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, before you start using vapes, you have to learn some facts.

One of these is knowing the kind of E liquids to use. It’s an essential part of the vape since it creates and gives flavor to the vapor. The only problem with vape flavors is the wide variety of options to choose from. 

In some cases, you might feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, we gathered a list of flavors you might like. Read on and find the best flavors for your vape pen.

1. Strawberry Flavor

Strawberry is a basic vape flavor, making it work with any kind of vape. Its flavor tastes like various jams laid over a toast. They come in huge 100ml bottles with 0, 3, or 6 mg/ml of nicotine for harder fault.

2. Gummy Bear Flavor

Gummy bear is a new vape flavor many young people enjoy. These vape pen flavors have deep flavor selections, like sour patch candy. You can get them at 4.0V with 2.1ohm clear, which hits a more flavorful throat.

3. Yogurt Flavor

The best vape flavors are often the simpler ones. Yogurt is a vape flavor most beginners try first. You will eventually change flavors, but it is always nice to reminisce about the early days.

4. Butterscotch Reserve Flavor

The butterscotch reserve has inspiration from the classic RY4. It blends both tobaccos and caramel to produce a sweet and rich flavor. You can get them in 60 ml bottles for a harder nicotine feeling.

5. Fuji Apple Strawberry Flavor

Fuji Apple Strawberry is one of the best vape juice flavors. It has a layering flavor, allowing you to taste the apple before the strawberry. You can get them in 30 ml bottles with either 25 or 50 mg/ml of nicotine.

6. Banana Bread Nut Flavor

Banana bread is one of the best vape-liquid flavors to satisfy your desire for carbs. It has an amazing taste, mixing both fruit and nutty flavor.

7. Peach Green Tea Flavor

Peach green tea is a vape flavor to help relax your mood. It has a smooth and subtle flavor, lasting for a long period.

8. Menthol Fruit Flavor

Menthol fruit has a clear frosty bite effect. It has a clean feeling, with a bursting fruity flavor of pineapple and honeydew melons.

9. Custard Flavor

Custard vape flavor is another kind of juice beginners enjoy. It has a rich, smooth, creamy vanilla flavor anyone can enjoy.

10. Tango Melon Flavor

Tango melon is a fruit punch vape juice. You can get the hit with juicy watermelon and citrus to inhale, followed by a mango candy exhale. You can check more citrus flavors with these e liquids.

Try Out These 10 Vape Pen Flavors Today

We hope these vape pen flavors help with your vaping experience. Don’t let the wrong vape juice ruin your vaping experience. Try out these flavors and enjoy them soon.

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