Top Deep-Sea Activities in Dubai


A modern city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is popular for its modernized as well as luxury shopping, thriving night scene, and most importantly, avant-garde architecture. One of the most-visited attractions is the Burj Khalifa, and one of the skyscrapers that dominate the city skyline. Along with this, you also find the well-known Dubai Fountain at its foot that features lights that dance with choreographed music.

Apart from the attractions and structures, Dubai also boasts a lot of activities centered around water sports. Let’s discuss some of the top water activities in Dubai that you’ll love and enjoy.

Jet ski tour of Dubai

One of the surprisng things to do in Dubai apart from the usual sightseeing is to engage in water sports. It is fascinating to know; Dubai offers numerous activities that involve adventures like this. However, the best part is offering you a sightseeing tour of Dubai in a jet ski. You will ride a jet ski for an hour as well as glides through Dubai’s waterfront.

You will follow an expert’s guide and see a spectacular view of the city skyline along with other famous attractions. These attractions Burj Al Arab that is considered the third tallest structure as well as a symbol of the modern city.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to make remember. As for your safety, there is no need to worry because the experts will brief you with the do(s) and don’t(s) and provide you with all safety equipment.

Discover scuba diving in Dubai

Are you also fan of underwater scenic views? Are you also dream of going deep and marveling at the beauty of the marine life, but you are afraid of drowning and not being able to breathe? If yes, there is no need to worry because Dubai has a particular offering for first-timers or beginners alike. This activity is exclusive to four people and one dive instructor for a group to ensure that personal attention on each member.

For approx. In two hours, you will explore the underwater Jumeirah Beach, marvel at colorful corals, and meet sea creatures. Most importantly, there is no need for a diving certificate for you to join this tour.

Rent a yacht

There are numerous water activities to do in Dubai. One of them is hiring a yacht to spend some of the best moments in the water. You’ll love it for the adrenaline rush and the places you’ll visit, which include the beautiful Palm Island. This tour is exclusive for friends, family members, colleagues and lasts you about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The time starts from the Marina and zooms into the waterfront by giving you spectacular views of the Dubai Marina, Burj al Arab, Palm Island, the city skyline, and the Atlantis hotel from the waters.

You’ll have lots of amazing photos afterward that you can share with your friends back home.

The yacht is perfect for company events and intimate birthday parties. It is fascinating to know that the best yacht companies feature a loud sound system, private skipper, barbecue facilities, the onboard fully equipped kitchen that comes in handy if you throw a party or the like.

You will also be navigating the city coastline with a private captain for the tour, and you will be offered light refreshments for the snacking needs.

Flyboard experience

If you desire an adrenaline-pumping kind of water activity, the Flyboard experience is always best for you. It is an approx. 20-minute flyboard ride that is water-powered and gets as high as 10 meters above the waters. Flyboard gives a spectacular view of Dubai’s skyline.

During this activity, you will have an experienced instructor to guide you through the process, the life vest, and other safety necessities. Moreover, the instructors will also teach you to move and tips in riding that you will immensely enjoy. Flyboard experience is fun and safe for both beginners and experienced.

Deep-sea fishing

Another amazing water adventure that awaits you in Dubai is the deep-sea fishing tour. Keep in consideration; deep-sea fishing is a perfect activity for all fishing enthusiasts. The time lasts you about four hours. All gears and equipment are provided. However, all you have to bring is a hat, camera, sunblock with lots of patience.

Along with fishing, you will also love the views surrounding the Arabian Gulf. Make sure you bring a camera with you. One of the primary goals of the deep-sea fishery to catch a particular species of fish such as kingfish, trevally, tuna, snapper, barracuda, cobia, queenfish, and grouper.

Crab hunting

If you are willing to experience like no other, you have to try this crab hunting expedition led by an experienced crab fisherman. You will be in search of the biggest and juiciest crabs. Keep in consideration; hunting equipment will be provided to you, like spear and flashlights.

Afterward, you will sit down for a buffet dinner, including your catch of the day. This activity takes you about seven hours and lets you explore mangrove areas, searching for that elusive crab.


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