Top Marketing Tactics for Online Gaming Sites


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iGaming is a highly competitive industry. It seems like a new online casino pops up every week. Given the sector’s rapid growth, it’s not surprising that iGaming companies what to expand their offerings and entrepreneurs want to try this investment option. The online gambling industry was worth $64 billion in 2020 and is set to attain over $100 billion in market value by 2025. As gamblers discover the benefits of online gambling, the demand for quality services and products increases. For this reason, new and existing businesses have to find ways to attract and retain customers. 

Online casinos generate high customer churn rates due to the numerous alternatives out there. Therefore, operators have to craft solid marketing strategies to appeal to the right audiences. The iGaming industry is aggressive with its selling because it has to give players enough reasons not only to sign up but also to keep spending money even when they are losing. Hence, a casino owner entering the sector or looking to improve its marketing should know the most effective tactics that top-rated operators use. 

Invest in Market Research 

Being an expert gambler with years of experience using online casinos is an advantage when running your own business, but it’s not enough. Although expertise gives you insights, it doesn’t mean you understand what every player wants. Before a gambling company puts together a marketing campaign, it must first understand the people to whom it is selling. Online casino marketing plays in the emotion, and for that, you need to profile your audience accurately. Effective messages should factor in the recipient’s interests, demographics and personas. Hence, you have to spend resources on research. 

Online gambling appeals to a broad range of users. However, generation X and millennials are the biggest markets. A majority of individuals in this category had the internet in their adult lives, which allowed them to enjoy the benefits of online casinos. Your audience could be a section of this population. Of course, you have to narrow down your research to align with business goals. For example, a crypto site will have to focus on players interested in blockchain payments. If you want to sell the Crash crypto game, then your scope narrows even further. Market research enables an operator to comprehend gambling behaviours, spending habits and player preferences. With this information on hand, developing audience-oriented marketing strategies is easy. 

Discoverability is Key 

Gamblers can’t join your online casino if they can’t find it. When potential customers search for gambling websites, how long does it take them to locate you? A decent marketing strategy prioritises discoverability. With thousands of gaming sites on the web, operators have to work extra hard to be visible. So, find ways to enhance discoverability.  

Search engine advertising is one method that can boost online visibility. Use ads to sell the casino to specific audiences. A huge plus point of this advertising model is that it can be tailored to individual regions. For instance, an operator can have separate welcome bonus ads for UK or Australian customers. 

Landing pages boost discoverability effectively. A gambling website can have landing pages for the critical elements, such as casino games, live games and poker. These pages direct users to what they need while drumming up attention for the casino’s offerings. 

Keyword use is another way to improve a website’s ranking in search engines. Research popular keywords among online gamblers, then include them in the platform. Ensure your keywords also focus on the features that make your gaming site unique. 

Social networks are other resources you can employ to increase online visibility. Create profiles on the top sites, then use them to interact with players. You can have discussions, polls and competitions posted on these pages to attract attention. 

One thing about the iGaming industry – it’s always evolving. The virtual slot machines developed 10 years ago can’t measure up to today’s products in terms of graphics, animation and sound. Gambling operators and software manufacturers are always quick to adopt new technologies to cater to evolving consumer demands. For this reason, gaming trends change rapidly. Online casinos should know what’s in and what’s out. Marketing campaigns should incorporate the latest technologies if they are to attract the modern consumer. For example, casino game streaming is becoming increasingly popular, which is why various operators are partnering with Twitch broadcasters as part of their marketing plans. 

Work with Affiliates 

Affiliate marketing is one strategy that has been working for iGaming operators for the longest time. With this option, a casino partners with websites willing to host its content for a fee. Affiliates can help increase mentions of your gambling site, thus, improving visibility. Selling your casino on other platforms allows you to reach as many prospective players as possible. Casino review sites are some of the biggest affiliate partners for operators. Beginners and seasoned gamblers frequent review platforms to learn about different aspects of online gaming. Thus, casinos take advantage of this direct link to players. For affiliate marketing to yield results, though, you must work with the right partners. Also, take the time to research successful affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Capitalise on Mobile 

Never underestimate the power of mobile marketing. Even if your casino is new, ensure that it’s optimised for handheld devices. You might not have native apps, but mobile-responsive websites are just as effective. Over 50% the global web traffic is generated on mobile. Therefore, online casinos should develop marketing strategies that target these players. Marketing on mobile platforms is a tad different from standard websites. Besides the limited attention span of online visitors, you also have to factor in the reduced display, which requires ads and content to be easy and fast to consume. 

Online gambling is big business, hence, the thousands of casinos sprouting every other day. Gaining a competitive advantage, regardless of a casino’s size or experience, takes works. However, with solid marketing strategies, iGaming operators can position their platforms for success.