The Top Signs Your Business Website Design Needs a Makeover

The Top Signs Your Business Website Design Needs a Makeover
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It’s been said that business is all about the customer. And when it comes to small business website design, this couldn’t be more true.

You may not realize it, but your business website design directly impacts your customers and what they think of your company. It can make or break you with one click. That makes new business website design an investment worth taking seriously in today’s competitive business world.

So how do you know if yours needs a makeover? Check out the signs below:

It Looks Dated

The business world moves fast. You have to keep up with it or risk being left behind.

The same goes for business website design. If yours looks like the last millennium, you may need a refresh before your customers head for the door.

A business website redesign will include an updated look that features fresh content and upgraded technology, so you won’t feel like you’re getting a brand new business website. Rather, it’ll appear as if your business has finally caught up with the times and is ready to take on the competition of today’s business world.

No Contact Information

Your business website design is a business card, so you need to make it count. If your business card doesn’t have contact information on how people can reach you, why would anyone think about your business?

Ensure that important contact information, such as hours of operation, is displayed on your business website.

Also, include details about how to contact customer services, such as an online form where customers can submit their questions or concerns. If you don’t offer this convenience, your business website design will seem less like a business card and more like an advertisement.

It Lacks SEO-friendly Keywords

SEO is a crucial part of online marketing strategy these days — and for a good reason. Google receives over 40,000 searches every second. That’s 1.2 trillion search queries a year.

That’s also an estimated over a trillion business opportunities at your fingertips each year. But only if you’re able to take advantage of this huge amount of traffic and convert it into business sales. And one way to do that is with SEO-friendly keywords included in key business web pages like the home page, blog posts, or product descriptions.

The problem? Many business website designers are still using old templates. And those templates aren’t equipped to handle modern SEO-friendly keyword marketing.

By the time business website design firms catch up with Google’s latest standards, business owners will be missing out on business opportunities.

Lacks Social Sharing Tools

Social media is a business owner’s business tool. It lets you connect with customers and share information with them fast. And good business website design that offers social sharing tools makes it even easier for business owners to take advantage of all the connections they can make through their business websites.

You’ve just created an awesome blog post or new product, for example. You want readers to know about it. But if your business website doesn’t have social sharing tools, you’re stuck telling them about it the old-fashioned way.

Of course, if someone wants to learn more about what you have to offer, they still might reach out to you using social media. But with a business website design that offers social sharing tools like Facebook’s Like button or Twitter’s Tweet This button, business owners can take advantage of this immediate traffic source.

It’s Slow Loading

This business website design tip is crucial if you’re business online relies on e-commerce.

If your business website takes a long time to load, it’s simply not going to convert visitors into customers. Why? Because by the time they’ve waited long enough for your business website to load, they’ll have already left and gone somewhere else where they can get what they need quickly.

A customer will only wait a few seconds for a business website to load before leaving in frustration. In business, those few seconds add up to missed business opportunities.

Not Mobile Friendly

It’s hard to imagine life without your smartphone. But business website design that isn’t mobile-friendly makes business owners feel like they’re back in the last millennium.

Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly are pretty much useless these days. Mobile business owners need business websites that make it quick and easy for them to stay connected when on the go.

A business website redesign can help you reach a larger clientele, especially if you have clients in their 20s and 30s. This is an age group that will be more likely to conduct business on their business phones or tablets.

It’s Not Responsive

A business website that doesn’t automatically change its layout depending on screen size is useless to business owners and customers on mobile devices and business computer screens.

Businesses owners need websites with responsive design to continue doing business wherever they are, whenever they want. This includes participating in trade shows, conferences, etc., without having to haul around a laptop or other bulky technology.

Cluttered Homepage

There’s a lot that business website design firms can do to make business websites look appealing and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, business owners may be getting business websites that are too attractive for their own good.

The number one business website mistake is clutter. Customers can’t find the information they need when the business website is crowded with images and useless links.

If your website shows some of these signs, it’s time to hire a web developer to redesign it.

Avoid These Business Website Design Mistakes

Business owners should make it a business habit to design business websites that are search engine friendly, offer social sharing tools, load quickly, and look good on any size of devices screen.

The best business website design is one small part of the big picture, but it’s an important business tool for connecting with customers and making more sales. Businesses that want to succeed should take advantage of every business opportunity they have.

We hope you find this business website design article helpful. If you wish to learn more crucial tips, keep visiting our site.

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