Travelling For Life by Au Chat Kwan 

Travelling For Life by Au Chat Kwan 

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According to Au Chat Kwan, travel drives people beyond their comfort zones and encourages them to explore, taste, and try new things. They are continually challenged not only to adjust to and explore new environments, but also to interact with various people, welcome new experiences as they arise, and share these experiences with friends and loved ones.

Au Chat Kwan has devoted years of his life to introducing Singaporean culture to millions of people throughout the world. He discovers every hidden gem Singapore has to offer as a local travel blogger.

Things you need to know before visiting Singapore by Au Chat Kwan

Singapore is Hot!

Yes, all tropical nations have a stiflingly hot climate. Singapore, however, is not only warm; it is also humid. Singapore has year-round bright skies and typical temperatures of around 32 degrees. So remember to travel light! You must be properly dressed to withstand the heat. Make it a requirement to carry water at all times because excessive sweat leads to dehydration. But overall, keep going despite the heat! In fact, it’s one of the finest things about the nation, especially when enjoyed with specially prepared street food and a cool drink to wash it all down.

Singapore is expensive, yet there are lots of enjoyable free activities as well!

One of the most expensive and wealthiest cities in the world is Singapore. This urbanised nation easily beats cities like London and New York in terms of costs and is home to the greatest number of millionaires. Most people forget the fact that Singapore is more than simply the immense price, and that there are lots of enjoyable things to do on a budget! The enjoyment is endless, from low-cost picnics in natural parks to historic locations like Haw Par Villa! 

 Street food in Singapore is a must-try!

It truly is the best aspect of travelling to Singapore! The diversity of the street food on this ethnic island should be known before anyone visits! Indian, Chinese, and Malay foods are all available at reasonable prices at the street stalls!

Architecture and sights

There is much to see on this island, and Singaporean architecture is among the best in the world, from the perfectly planned marina bay sands to the structures of old Singapore! Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is not only a concrete jungle; the island is home to a wide variety of vegetation and fauna. Singapore has everything, from magnificent botanical gardens to beautiful forests!

Au Chat Kwan as a travel blogger

Small beginnings

Au Chat Kwan was born in a small kampung in the countryside of Singapore. He has seen the island nation change from a quiet fishing village to the busy metropolis it is today.

For his 15th birthday, he received a Canon camera, which quickly sparked his interest in photography. He set out to document every facet of Singapore’s life before it was lost to time because he was enamoured by the swift progress the country was making.

He received the 1994 Best Aspiring Photographer Award by the time he was 20. Readers of his site can now appreciate or reminisce about Singapore’s past thanks to his efforts.

Photography of Nature

He was as captivated by Singapore’s industrial developments as he was by the native animals and plants that inhabited the garden city. Au Chat Kwan captures everything, from the glitzy peacock dance through botanical gardens to the smallest creatures scampering over the forest floor. The natural area of Singapore is decreasing while our concrete jungle is expanding. Au Chat Kwan has dedicated his life to protecting the beautiful remaining woodland regions because he is a passionate vegan and nature lover. In order to raise public awareness of conservation activities, he has collaborated with well-known groups like National Geographic. He has succeeded in taking pictures of species that were formerly thought to be extinct by undertaking difficult trips.

His passion for environmental protection has encouraged others to take up conservation as well. He also does not confine himself to photography. Au Chat Kwan has also contributed to the endeavour by assisting with the cleanup of trash that is harmful to the swamplands’ wildlife. In order to further inspire others to avoid waste and to assist their wild neighbours in whatever manner they can, he blogs about his efforts. “There is no such thing as too little effort,” he said. We all have a duty to preserve this lovely island, which we call home.

Educating the next generation

Au Chat Kwan has begun to teach his many photography techniques at Nanyang Polytechnic as many people aspire to follow in the footsteps of this inspirational photographer. Because of his in-depth view, students have been able to broaden their perspectives on what makes a beautiful photo and add their own distinctive twists to their shots. Au Chat Kwan aspires to carry on his work throughout his journey and, ideally, pass it on to the next generation, preserving the unique art of photography.

Visit Au Chat Kwan and learn more about this amazing travel blogger and photographer.

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