Treat low back pain and improve endurance in the military


Improve muscle strength, endurance, and balance through Chiropractic

Chiropractic also works for soldiers suffering from low back pain

Low back pain can be associated with the strength, balance and endurance of the back muscles, and can affect the mission readiness of military personnel. Weak back muscles can increase the risk of low back pain but can also be caused by low back pain; if the person has changed their activity or movements to avoid additional pain. Low back pain also appears to affect the ability to maintain prolonged or repeated positions or movements (endurance) and alter the neuromuscular system thereby influencing balance.


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Les manipulations vertébrales, couramment employées par les docteurs en chiropraxie, est un traitement recommandé pour la lombalgie. Les militaires aux Etats-Unis bénéficient des soins de Chiropraxie par le biais de cliniques de santé dans des bases militaires. La manipulation vertébrale peut faciliter la force musculaire du dos et diminuer la sensibilité à la douleur en affectant le système neruomusculaire (au niveau de la signalisation sensorielle et de la production des motoneurones). Quelques études indiquent que la manipulation vertébrale influence positivement la force musculaire isométrique immédiate chez les individus en bonne santé. Des chercheurs ont voulu savoir si les manipulations vertébrales effectuées par des chiropracteurs pouvaient influencer la force musculaire de manière cliniquement significative et sur des périodes plus longues pour les personnes souffrant de problèmes neuromusculosquelettiques, en particulier celles souffrant de lombalgie.

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So they wanted to know whether chiropractic care, consisting primarily of spinal manipulation, influences strength, balance, and / or endurance in active-duty US military personnel with low back pain. Since back muscle strength is a fundamental building block required to perform balance and endurance activities, the main objective of this clinical trial was to compare the effects of chiropractic care over 4 weeks; consisting of spinal manipulations, compared to a control group; on the muscle strength of the trunk.

The researchers found that the average maximum pulling force in the chiropractic group increased by 5.08 kg and decreased by 7.43 kg in the control group. Statistically significant differences between groups were also observed in core muscle endurance and balance with eyes closed. The differences in mean change between groups were statistically significant in favor of Chiropractic for disabilities related to low back pain, pain intensity and interference, and fear avoidance behavior.

They concluded that active-duty service members receiving chiropractic care had an improvement in muscle strength and endurance, as well as a decrease in intensity and disability due to low back pain, compared to a group control.

This shows once again that chiropractic sounds are on the one hand effective in helping lower back pain, even in people doing intense sports activities such as the military, but that they also help improve endurance and balance. !

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