Tricks on How to Pass Your PMP Exam on First Try

PMP Exam

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

An exam can be stressful, especially when dealing with demanding ones like PMP (Project Management Professional). It takes a great deal of preparation, including investing significant time to study, practice, and ensure you are ready for the big day. Did you know that 4 in 10 aspirants don’t pass the PMP exam on the first try on average? It is demanding, but, like any other person, you want to be among the six that pass on the first attempt. So, how can you manage it? Here are some of the tricks you can use to ace the test on your first try.


Master the PMBOK Guide, and use it to develop a study roadmap. With the guide, you’ll be better positioned to pick the best study materials in every area. This makes it easier to ensure you are thorough as you study. You won’t overlook some areas that could surprise you. Break down the areas, develop a schedule, and stick to it to cover each concept. Goals also help; set realistic ones, such as covering an area within a given period. With clear goals, a practical roadmap, and a schedule, you’ll be adequately prepared, unlike struggling to memorize concepts as the exam approaches.

Use the training to your advantage

Before you take the PMP exam, you are required to furnish 35 contact hours. The training period shouldn’t be taken to meet the requirement. Use it to your advantage, ensuring that you’ve mastered those areas you aren’t doing well. Take the training seriously, helping you to build on what you’ve accumulated and clarify problematic areas. You can kick your efforts a notch higher and take additional classes apart from the required training hours. A professional tutor help could be all you need; hire a pro and thoroughly go through those troublesome concepts before taking the exam.

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Handle as many practice questions as you can get. Please don’t stop there, though; take it to the next level with a PMP exam simulator. With the readily available online PMP exam simulators, you can get a feel of what to expect during the actual test. They replicate the exam’s environment, including the timing and format. See how you can handle the pressure and establish areas you need to improve, such as time spent on each question. Gauging your preparedness to handle the test is among the most effective tricks to help you pass it on the first try. This is as you’ll be better positioned to establish your weaknesses and strengths and address them accordingly.

Consider workshops

Would a one-on-one interaction and class settings favor your progress? PMP exam prep workshops can be a valuable resource. Whether online or in-person, the programs can help you sharpen your skills and give you an edge to pass the exam. Moreover, they are a great networking opportunity. You get to meet other professionals, where you can exchange ideas and supercharge your preparation efforts. Online workshops are more popular as they don’t cost as much and are convenient, especially considering your demanding schedule.

Join forums

Much like the workshops, study groups and forums are resourceful. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a penny. Interacting with other aspirants can help you uncover a lot. This includes offering to help someone in an area you are great at, sinking the knowledge deeper. Receiving help from others also comes in handy, as the discussions make it easier to retain and remember the information.

Preparing for the PMP exam can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, you can work through the materials, prepare, confidently take the exam, and pass on your first try with a positive attitude.

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