What Are The 5 Common Types of Emergency Plumbing Services?

What Are The 5 Common Types of Emergency Plumbing Services?
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Last Updated on July 12, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Plumbing emergencies are not often heard about because people are unaware of what situations can be considered plumbing emergencies. Problems that need to be fixed as decaying will worsen the conditions should be considered an emergency

Emergency plumbing services are different from regular plumbing services as an emergency calls for immediate recovery while a common plumbing issue can be solved with time. In this article, we will be looking at the different emergency plumbing solutions and trying to understand why they are classified as an emergency. 

5 Types Of Emergency Plumbing Services: 

There can be a lot of plumbing issues that can occur in a domestic household. Some problems can be fixed for the time being by using household items and do not require immediate help from a professional plumber. However, some problems are critical and, at certain times, life-threatening as well. These problems are classified as plumbing emergencies. The following list consists o some of the basic plumbing emergencies that can occur in a domestic household, 

  1. Water pipe damages – Broken water pipes not only cause water loss but can damage houses if not taken care of. Water can overflow into places and reach electric sockets, which can cause a severe health hazard. So, whenever a leak or a hole is noticed, it is best to contact the professionals at Expand Group at once. They will take care of the leak and restore your house to normalcy. 
  1. Bathroom plumbing problems – Clogged bathrooms can be a headache if not taken care of immediately. It can lead to water overflowing from the toilet and faecal matter from the drains. Professional plumbers have modern high-pressure equipment that can take care of the most challenging plumbing clogs in minutes. 
  1. Sewer blockage – Sewer blockages can also cause severe problems as water and waste won’t pass through them, making this a plumbing emergency. In cases like this, it is advisable to shut the water valve during the time that the experts take to come to your house. 
  1. Water heater leak – This can be a significant problem during the cold season as there is water all over the floor, and the room temperature is also going down rapidly. Emergency plumber Perth should be contacted immediately under such circumstances to repair the heating lines. 
  1. Gas line leak – Flammable gas leaks in a domestic house can lead to violent fires and burndown of buildings. Plumbers should attend to these leaks immediately as an emergency case, and the property should be evacuated immediately as the gas leak is detected. Calling a firefighting team under such circumstances can be a wise thing to do. 


From the list, it is prominent that anything that can damage the house or put the life of the people living in that house at risk calls for an emergency plumber Perth. The only way of preventing such dire situations is to carry out regular maintenance and checkups by professionals. Their trained eyes can pick up any sign of any upcoming damage, and it can be addressed on the spot.

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