6 Types of Law Careers You Can Pursue

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Most of the law careers generally involve helping the clients to deal with any kind of legal issues that impact the personal and business interests. The professionals in the field prepare the legal documents, make contracts, as well as defend their cases in the court of law. In this guide, we will look at some steps that you need to take for launching your law career, and the types of law careers you may consider.

Choosing Right Lawyer Career 

The attorneys are somebody within a legal system that will help in as well as provide the right advice to their clients on the legal proceedings & legal issues. Firms like The Barnes Firm attorneys are already doing a great job in dealing with clients with all types of cases. The paralegals act as an assistant to the lawyers and attorneys and also serve as the entry-level opportunities for learning about this legal field. 

The lawyers, attorneys & counsels titles are used interchangeably, however, there are some differences between all 3 careers. The lawyers are generally employed in law firms and private practices and advise clients about the legal issues or how to move ahead. 

The attorneys consult with the clients just like lawyers do, however may go beyond their initial consultation & represent their client in the courtroom proceedings.

The counsels are the lawyers that are employed by the organization or company. Not employed at the law firm, the counsels act completely on behalf of the company and organization.

All these lawyer titles in a legal field present unique work opportunities as well as a distinct salary to companies that employed them.

Corporate lawyer

The corporate lawyer generally works for the company and advising executives against the business decisions, which can lead to legal action or representing the company where legal action has to be taken against them. Also, they are responsible to use this expertise to create & edit the corporate contracts just to ensure that they aren’t breaking any kind of laws.

This line between the paralegals and the legal secretaries will sometimes be very thin, however, it is still there. The secretaries generally do not have any hands-on involvement in legal issues, like research & case management. The role is more administrative. 

General practice lawyer

The general practice lawyer doesn’t have any particular expertise & consults with, or defends the clients on various legal issues or proceedings. This kind of lawyer will have specialized interests however will handle various other projects too.


No matter whether you are looking to be the prosecutor or defense lawyer, criminal law is filled with various opportunities. These lawyers in the practice area see plenty of courtroom drama when they protect the basic rights of the clients. 

Family lawyer

The family lawyer will be employed in helping the clients in many family-related matters. They’re involved in defending the client in the divorce proceedings, child support, or child custody battles claims.

Employment Law

Employment law is one kind of law regulating the relationship between the employers and the employees; this sets out the respective rights & obligations. The employment law & pensions law will be related as employers offer their employees access to the pension scheme. 


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