Types of Wheat Flour in the World

types of wheat and flour

Whether you’re a veg or a non-veg, wheat is everyone’s favorite. Due to its mouthwatering flavor and toasted aroma, wheat has become the most eaten cereals crops of all.

With the rise in its popularity, people have discovered different ways to present the wheat. Though the main ingredient is always the same, yet the difference is in the process of making which differentiates between the varieties of wheat flour.

Today, wheat production in world has risen to a great scale, wheat companies in world are adopting new and advanced methods for producing different types of wheat flour. Some of the most used wheat flour are discussed below, let’s have a look and decide which one is going to be in your meal today.

All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is the common wheat flour that is used in our everyday cooking. Such flour is produced by mixing up both soft and hard wheat. All-purpose flour contains equal the amount of protein and starch and is one of the most nutrition-rich types of wheat.

Whole Wheat Flour

The whole wheat or also known as organic flour is the nearest-to-nature flour of all. This is because this type of floor does not include any other ingredient, rather it is made just by grinding the entire red wheat.

Pastry Flour

Pastry flour is a little bit hard than the rest of all, this is because it has a relatively higher amount of starch than other flours. The reason for its hardness is that pastry flour is used in the production of cookies and biscuits, so to maintain their crust and firmness, confectioners prefer hard flour.

Cake Flour

Unlike pastry flour, the texture of cake flour is a little bit softer and smoother in order to maintain the sponginess of cakes and other items. Cake flour is produced by adding a little amount of cornstarch to all-purpose flour.

Bread Flour

Bread flour is used in the production of bread, as shown by its name. Though bread flour contains even harder wheat flour than that of pastry floor, yet it doesn’t affect the softness of bread due to the added amount of gluten in it.

Durum Flour

Such types of flour contain a high content of protein and little or no amount of starch at all. Therefore they are high with gluten to which adds elasticity to the flour. Durum flours are commonly used in making different types of pasta.

Reduced Bran Wheat Flour

This type of flour is widely used by aged people for its ability to digest easily. This is because, in this type of flour, almost 80% of the bran has been removed thus making it lighter yet nutrition-rich.

Gluten Flour

This flour contains double the content of gluten which makes it higher in elasticity. Though such flours are not directly used in meals, but they can be added to the flours to increase their gluten level.

Graham Flour

As you may be thinking, this flour is basically used to manufacture graham crackers. Though this flour is also coarsely wheat flour grounded, but it’s a little bit different from the whole wheat flour due to the difference in the manufacturing process.

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