Ultimate List of Review Widgets and Badges


Reviews widgets and badges are useful in showing the collected reviews on a website. When people open the site, these are the first items they will see. Having positive reviews is something to brag about. Not everyone will take time to craft a positive review about a company when they got nothing in return. Hence, receiving plenty of them is a badge of honor and worthy of a display. The review widget provides a glimpse of how people view the company. Those who are new to the site or are curious about what they can get if they patronize the products will see what’s in store for them. These are not the company’s words, but of other people who availed of the products and services. Various widgets and badges could help boost the company if used properly.

Vertical widget

This type of widget works when the site has plenty of space. It’s useful in showing the overall score given by different customers. The last reviews received will also pop up on the screen. They’re easy to view and follow. Anyone who sees the site for the first site will immediately know what the brand has to offer. However, if the site doesn’t have enough space due to other necessary contents, this type might not work.

It’s one of the more popular types of widgets. It doesn’t only display one review, but several reviews that people can scroll through. Reviews coming from different platforms are available on this widget. Sometimes, getting the latest review isn’t enough. People want a deeper view of the company, and it helps to follow this design. Like other widgets, it’s easy to change the settings, such as hiding the date and choosing which reviews to display.

It works like the carousel widget, but it’s the more compact version. There are also more reviews to display, but they’re shorter. It works for people who only want to know a few details and not the longer version.

Full page widget

All the company reviews are available using this widget. It makes anyone who visits the page understand the company right away. It’s a complete picture. It’s also an honest depiction of what the company can offer. There’s nothing to hide, even the negative reviews. People can make judgments based on what they see as they go through the entire page. The problem is that everything seems long and unnecessary. When too much time gets spent browsing the reviews, potential buyers no longer have incentives to check out the other tabs on the site. It could hurt the chances of convincing them to buy what the company has to offer.

Floating widget

This type of widget is also popular because it allows people to read whatever they want. The reviews pop up on one side of the screen. If it seems interesting, the user can expand the view and get more details. When done, it’s easy to close the widget. It doesn’t interfere with the other transactions done on the page. It’s also customizable. It may include product reviews, local reviews, and review dates. If deemed unnecessary, it’s easy to hide the dates. There is a newer version of floating widgets available, and they’re easier to customize.

Benefits of using a review widget

These review widgets might seem unnecessary, but they might hold the key to boosting the company’s popularity. They’re easy to use and can contain tons of information that people new to the site might find useful. Some of them don’t have time to go through the entire page. They will rely on what other people have to say. If these details are on the widgets, they can decide if the brand is worth their money.

Another reason for using it is that it encourages customers to be honest. It’s not easy to display reviews, especially if they don’t reflect a perfect view of the business. It reveals the company’s transparency due to the confidence in showing a compilation of reviews across different platforms.

Finally, the review widget can help boost the page in Google’s search rankings. The search engines love user-generated content. Since reviews came from users, they’re highly valuable in the eyes of Google’s algorithms. These reviews may also contain phrases and links that could help push the page even higher.

Widgets are easy to install and use. They’re also easy to customize. Specialists in SEO can help determine the best review widget that will suit the company’s page.


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