Victoria Daineko – biography

Victoria Daineko - biography

Victoria Daineko was born on May 12, 1987 in the village. Kirovsky (now – Balpyk, Kazakhstan). Father – Peter, was a truck driver, then worked on television, and then organized his own disco and became a DJ. Peter also served as head of the automation department in Sberbank and worked in a youth housing cooperative. Mother – Evgenia, was a programmer.

Victoria Daineko: “And my parents in general are my main friends in life. They will always help, support in everything, do not condemn me and accept any of my decisions. Even if it is controversial, as, for example, these my shootings. Dad initially did not mind – he is a man of free views. I have a feeling that my dad can do absolutely everything. “
The quote is taken from the magazine “Black Bullet Season 2

As a child, parents sent their daughter to the ballet “Diamonds of Yakutia”. Until the age of 11, Vika was engaged in dancing. During her school years, she began performing at various musical venues of Mirny. Thanks to her successes, Victoria was invited to the local pop group “Reflection”, and then to the group “Phaeton”. She also studied English.

In 2004, Daineko became a member of Channel One’s Star Factory-5 project under the leadership of AllaPugacheva, where she won. As part of this TV project, Vika performed two solo songs – “I’ll Be Better” and “Leila”.

Victoria Daineko: “Before school, if me, a girl from Yakutia, is an unimaginable miracle! – took in this wonderful television project. It was a kind of crazy feeling. With my own eyes I saw Igor Matvienko, AllaBorisovna, MaximFadeev. For me it was something transcendent. And when they announced that I would participate in the project, I could not believe my happiness at all ”.
The quote is taken from the magazine “Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

After “Fabrika” Victoria began working with producer Igor Matvienko. In 2005, the singer’s debut video for the song “Leila”, which was filmed in Thailand, was released.

During her tour, Victoria Daineko met PavelArtemiev, the lead singer of the Korni group.

Victoria Daineko: “Pasha, whom we met on the tour, I really liked. He is a delightful creative person. Our short romance began during another major spat with Garik. It was some kind of euphoria, inspiration.  But our relationship could not result in anything serious. “

Later Victoria met with the singer Dmitry Pakulichev, whom she met in a karaoke club. Their relationship also ended in a breakup.

In early 2007, the star recorded the soundtrack to the film Waiting for a Miracle. In the fall, the television premiere of the Ice Age show took place, in which the singer, together with Alexei Yagudin, reached the final. Together with Alexei, Vika recorded the song “Needle”, for which a video was shot.

In the same year, Victoria made her film debut, playing herself in a cameo role in the television series “Happy Together” and “The Club”, voiced the main character Panti in the cartoon “Noah’s Ark”, and also became the winner of the Fashion TV channel award in the nomination ” Fashion Singer 2007 “.

In 2008, the star’s debut album “Needle” was released, which became her first disc in three years of work.

In 2009, Daineko took part in the project of the First Channel “Two Stars” in a pair with actor Alexander Oleshko, where they took 3rd place.

In 2010, the singer voiced the main character of the cartoon Rapunzel: A Tangled Story.

In 2011, Vika, as part of the team of producer Igor Matvienko, took part in the project “Star Factory. Return “, where graduates of the” Star Factory “of different years competed. According to the voting results, Daineko won this project.

In the fall, Victoria Daineko began a whirlwind romance with singer Alexei Vorobyov. In May 2012, Vika and Alexey unexpectedly broke up. The reason for the breakup remained a mystery.

Victoria Daineko starred in the videos: “I Dreamed” (2004), “Leila” (2005), “I’ll just leave you right away” (2006), “The film is not about love” (2007), “Needle” (2007), “I will live” (2007), “Stop, where am I going” (2008), “Eye to eye” (2008), “Blot” (2009), “My Angel” (2009), “Erase it from the memory ”(2011),“ Log Horizon season 3”(2011),“ Closer than Tango ”(2012),“ Mirror, Mirror ”(2012),“ Breathe ”(2013).

In December 2013, the singer had an accident. In the dressing room, she received a powerful electric shock, because of which she had to cancel the performance and call an ambulance.

In February 2014, it became known that Victoria Daineko began filming a new video.

On February 13, 2015, the singer’s lover, drummer Dmitry Kleiman made a marriage proposal to Victoria, to which she agreed. On February 25 of the same year, Victoria and Dmitry submitted an application to the registry office.

Victoria Daineko: “It’s official. I’m getting married. Oh God, is this really happening? ” I experienced great excitement and joy. This is my first trip to the registry office! I’m happy. ”The
quote is taken from the site“ ”

On April 14, 2015, Victoria Daineko married musician Dmitry Kleiman. The marriage registration took place at exactly 13 o’clock in the Kutuzov registry office in Moscow.

Victoria Daineko: “We really wanted to get married on April 13th. Firstly, exactly two months ago, Dima made me an offer, and secondly, the combination of numbers would have turned out very nice – 04.13.15 – 3, 4, 5. But, unfortunately, the registry office does not work on Monday. But the painting was at 13 o’clock, which is also symbolic. We are very happy!”
The quote is taken from the site “”

On October 3, 2015, a daughter was born to VikaDaineko and Dmitry Kleiman in one of the Moscow maternity hospitals.

In the summer of 2017, it became known that Daineko and Kleiman filed for divorce, which was officially filed on September 19 of the same year.

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2007 – Prize of the Fashion TV channel in the nomination “Fashion-singer”
2007 – “Song of the Year” – Laureate of the festival – “The film is not about love”
2007 – “Golden Gramophone” – Statuette of the “Golden Gramophone”
2008 – “Song of the Year” – Laureate of the festival – “Stop, where am I going”
2008 – “Golden Gramophone” – Statuette of the “Golden Gramophone”
2008 – “Asmongold Girlfriend” (with Lube)
2011 – “Song of the Year” – Laureate of the festival – “Erase it from Memory”
2011 – “Golden Gramophone” – “Golden Gramophone” statuette – “Erase it from Memory”
2011 – “Red Star” – “Best Song” – Victory “Erase It from Memory”
2011 – “Radio Stream” – “Best Songs of 2011” – “Erase it from Memory”

A family

Spouse – Dmitry Kleiman, musician (married on April 14, 2015, divorced on September 19, 2017)
Daughter – (03.10.2015)


Igor Rudnik, dancer and choreographer
PavelArtemiev, musician
Dmitry Pakulichev, singer
Alexei Vorobyov, singer

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