Wagmo.io Pet Insurance Review

Pet Insurance Review

Last Updated on November 26, 2022 by Tayyaba Khan

The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) estimates that there are around 20 pet insurance companies in the United States and Canada combined. With so many pet insurance plans to choose from, it can be difficult for pet owners to find a company that suits their needs. Whether a pet parent is looking for wellness plans or general insurance policies for their pet, Wagmo.io is one pet insurance company up for consideration.

About Wagmo.io

Wagmo.io was created to break the mold of traditional pet insurance review. Their goal was to offer plans that covered what pet parents would likely need, not what they wouldn’t. Wagmo.io offers two coverage options: wellness plans and general insurance policies based on budget, which is what the best pet insurance companies do.

Benefits of Wagmo’s Pet Wellness Plans

Many pet insurance companies don’t reimburse pet parents for routine care. However, this is the cornerstone for Wagmo.io’s wellness plans.

Wagmo offers three price packages (Value, Classic, and Deluxe). The Value package covers annual benefits such as vaccinations, one office vet visit a year, a routine blood work panel, and one fecal test a year. They also cover exam fees for a low monthly premium.

In addition, both Classic and Deluxe packages include heartworm and flea medications and treatments as well as urinalysis and grooming fees! Dental cleanings and oral health care are also covered on Wagmo’s Deluxe pet wellness plans.

Since many pet parents are likely paying for these services anyway, having Wagmo’s wellness plan can help without out of pocket costs for pet needs.

Benefits of Wagmo’s Pet Insurance Plans

Like other pet insurance providers, Wagmo’s illness coverage covers emergency care, many surgeries, cancer treatments, and hereditary conditions. Congenital conditions, such as hip dysplasia, are also covered with their illness coverage plan.

Though Wagmo has waiting periods and doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, they offer up to $100,000 in claims over a pet’s lifetime and an annual limit of $10,000 per year for emergency care incidents, which is more that most pet parents will need.

While other pet insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage and sometimes preventative care, they offer co-pay insurance policies that end up costing pet owners more in the long run. Wagmo’s illness coverage has a 100% co-insurance payout, so after meeting the annual deductible, Wagmo’s co-pay is 100%, which means pet parents won’t have to worry about additional bills.


A survey by NAPHIA, which surveyed popular pet insurance providers such as Trupanion, Embrace, Nationwide, Healthy Paws, ASPCA, Figo, and Petfirst, found that in 2019, the average monthly premiums for pet insurance coverage for illness plans and emergency care for dogs was around $50. For cats, it was about $30 for a monthly premium.

For Wagmo, wellness plans can be as little as $20 for cats and dogs. In addition, insurance policies start at just $13. This means that pet parents who choose Wagmo will pay as little as $33 for their monthly premium. That’s average for cats and way less than average for dog medical care.

In addition, Wagmo allows you to pick and choose from their insurance policies so you can get the vet care your pet needs!

Final Thoughts

There are many pet insurers out there, and finding a good one can give pet owners a peace of mind. Based on customer reviews and compared to Figo Pet Insurance and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, Wagmo’s coverage for veterinary care and checkups is above average.

Because the creators of Wagmo know what paying for excessive insurance policies is like, they’ve created wellness care policies with 100% reimbursement rates that are completely worth it!

At Wagmo, they care just as much about your wallet as they do about your pet, which makes them one of the best pet insurance companies on the market.

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