How to wear stylabs jewelry to compliment your look?

How to wear stylabs jewelry to compliment your look?

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

This is remarkable when we are at a party, in an art gallery, or in a restaurant and a person stands out from the rest, attracts attention. In other words, it stands out for its style. 

We wonder then, what is the secret? Well, the accessories, outfits, and of course, the jewels play an essential role.

3 tips from Stylabs jewelry Brand

Here are three important rules that not everyone knows but that will help you find your style.


If you wear jeans, a shirt, and a blazer in shades of blue or black during the day, instead of wearing colorful jewelry, wear your outfit with traditional jewelry. Such as a beautiful set of white pearl necklace, earrings, and bracelets.

If you have decided on jeans and a blazer in shades of brown, choose Pearls in champagne or copper. The result is very effective and there will be no shortage of people who will praise your elegance (even if you are wearing simple jeans!).


When you decide on pastel and light colors you definitely need jewelry in colors of a similar hue. If you wear a yellow dress, a pair of citrine earrings will come in handy, matching a beautiful earring with the same gem. If you wear water green, you have mint garnets or kiwi topazes to combine.

If you decide on pink, the possibilities are varied, from kunzites to pink tourmalines through pink sapphires and Rose de France diamonds. And for the light blue you have a beautiful palette of choice from aquamarines to sky blue or Swiss blue topazes. But… attention!

If you are going to an important party or a theater premiere, it is best to opt for color contrast and in this case, look for a gem that is opposed to the color of your dress.

Do you wear red? Choose intense tsavorites or emeralds! Do you wear beige? Rubies are the right choice! With black, clear stones and with white… well, with white you can wear all of them, but an interesting proposal is excellent quality turquoise.


In the case of wearing clothes with many and varied colors, it is better to decide on jewels with gems in the tone of the predominant colors that are neither too small nor excessively large.

In case of wearing a single color and if the outfit is simple, accentuate it with a showy jewel, for example, a large earring or brooch, with brightly colored gemstones.

Always think that it is you who make use of fashion and therefore the best thing is to adapt it to your taste and make it your own to create your style.

In this sense, Stylabs ideal to buy your jewelry and accessories with authentic gems at the best price and with an infinite variety of designs and colors!