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What Are The Places You Should See On A Mumbai Trip?

Hyatt Regency Mumbai

Holding rhythm with Mumbai is a tough challenge. Nearly unimaginable, we can claim. There are many activities to explore in Mumbai that sometimes when dreaming regarding what to perform, you desire to grab a couple of deep breaths. Mumbai has everything, from spots for relaxation to exciting adventures. You may be thinking what more is possible to explore if you’ve already finished seeing the normal sightseeing sites in Mumbai?

This location has become a gathering spot for tourists from all regions of the world because of its background, era, and the diverse integration of societies. This also implies that in this town there are a lot of things to do.

  1. Elephanta Caves

While always on a boat, it’s also the perfect chance for you to explore the island of Elephanta, which is just an hour’s route by sea. The island’s beginning place is the Gateway to India. The Elephanta Caves are a masterpiece of architecture that has chosen to stand for a long period of time. You can always come to the island for backpacking, or just relax a bit from every day, especially if you are not participating in a historical monument. This is going to be one of the finest adventure experiences you can do in Mumbai.

The great season to explore the island is to skip the monsoon season during the year when the sea is difficult and the waves are large.

  1. Start for a Journey of Bollywood

If you haven’t proceeded on a Bollywood journey, what have you seen in the journey to Mumbai? Take an insight into the internal processes of the world’s biggest movie sector with circumstances behind the action sequences. There are committed enterprises that offer day-long experiences of production companies and locations where filming actually occurs and then you can stay at Hyatt Regency Mumbai.

The perfect duration for this trip is all year round.

  1. Marine Drive

Try a long walk on Marine Drive when you’re exhausted from shopping all day and exploring neighboring places, or even if you just choose to explore nothing. Closely associated with Mumbai, this popular walkway connects Nariman Point to Malabar Hill. The pavement lamps on Marine Drive replicate the jewels in a necklace when observed at nighttime from any top floor location and thus it is therefore recognized as the Queen’s Necklace. Eat Vada Pav and various foods on this walkway near the beach, and stroll up to Chowpatty Beach. If you travel a bit more, you can find Walkeshwar, a residence to several of the wealthy and successful in Mumbai.

  1. Chowpatty’s street food and other places too

While we stated Chowpatty previously, if we neglected to identify the roadside foods here, we will not be providing credit to Chowpatty Beach. To explain the different foodstuffs that are available in this food stall gateway in Mumbai, phrases can come short. This is possibly the greatest place in Mumbai to eat local delicacies, with the tides smashing in the background and the salty aroma of the sea persisting in the water. Begin with the iconic vada pav, the food that the whole of Mumbai appreciates. Popular delicacies, including paani puri, aloo vada, misal pao, ragda patty, sev puri, and bhel puri, are the dishes to discover here.

Minara Masjid and Bhendi Bazaar are perfect locations on the roads to have a bite of beef. This will not be a challenge to locate numerous kinds of food. Making time and energy to eat too much may be the biggest limitation.

At Chowpatty and other venues, the perfect opportunity to appreciate street food is throughout the year.

  1. The food at the Cafes of Parsi

If you hadn’t experienced Parsi cuisine, you might not have given credence to your Mumbai journey when on the discussion of food. The Parsi population is an important aspect of Mumbai and foo lies on the evidence to the same. Even so, Parsi food graciously embraces all perspectives like Gujarati, British, Iranian, and Goan ideologies. Food is considered with extreme care.

Foods like Saas ni Macchi, Bei Pulao, Parsi mutton cutlets, Sali Marghi, and dhansak will offer you an appreciation of cuisine that is totally distinct from what you expect.

Parsi cuisine at any moment of the season is pleasant and tastes delicious.

  1. See the play at Prithvi Theatre

Prithvi Theatre is one of the very popular movie theaters in India and was established by Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kapoor, his spouse. As four generations of Kapoors have been engaged as stars, makers, and directors in Bollywood films and theatre, it will not be a wrong statement to declare the Kapoor family the very first community of the Indian Bollywood industry. The cinema is a sign of this as it is devoted to Prithviraj Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor’s dad and Hindi cinema’s great performance artist, who wished his theatre production to have a residence. See a performance here and visit the Prithvi bookstore and museum as well.

Winter seasons are the ideal moment to stay loyal to the thriving spectrum of actors that you could even recognize on stage in the Prithvi Theatre. After that, take a bit of rest at Hyatt Regency Mumbai to get energy for the next day.

  1. Journey to Essel World

You may not expect to skip a trip to the Essel World, one of India’s quite popular tourist attractions, whether you are on a vacation with friends or with kids. Fun adventures are truly endless in this area with exciting activities such as Hoola Hoop, Crazy Cups, Rio Grande train, and Caterpillar.

The Water Kingdom is India’s oldest amusement park, and also becomes a component of the Essel World. When you are a participant in the world of Essel, you will not experience the scorching heat of Summer.

Summers can be the perfect season to explore Essel World, as the enjoyment you will have here could combat the heat.

If you are preparing a vacation to Mumbai, make confident you explore the correct areas to soak up this city’s diverse loveliness. To give you assistance, we have mentioned above a few of the incredible destinations to explore in Mumbai, which will enable you to form a relationship with this glamorous city again and again.



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