What Can You Send Instead of Get Well Flowers?

13. What can you Send Instead of Get Well Flowers

When your close one is going through a difficult condition or sick, the get well soon hamper  can mean a lot to them.  But, you may confuse what to choose when you want to give a special get-well gift for him/her.

Actually, a gift is not always in the form of goods, you can do many things. Even if you pray and hope for them is a gift. There are a lot of options you can choose to boost him/her so that they can get well soon.

Your loved one can feel connected by a simple call. Just by hearing the voice of a friend or a family, they can feel comfort and get the strength. If you can see them physically, holding them or a simple hug can give a power of happiness at that moment.

Sending Her a Get Well Soon Hamper

Treating your best friend when they are being sick, whether she/he is important. A girl or woman in your life also needs your love when they are not feeling well. To help them through a recent surgery or the bad flu, try sending them these gifts.

Pet care and Pray for them

If your loved one is lying at home, or out and in of the hospital, their furry friend may need help caring. While your friend is healing, by offering to take care of their pet you can save them money.

The extra help given will be appreciated by both their pet and your loved one if you send them a get well soongift. Saying a prayer for your loved one can make you feel more supported by each other. To increase the support, you can try by starting a prayer chain for them.

Appearing for a visit

A personal visit, in some cases, can hold the meaning more than just a gift physically. There is another option if you cannot see your beloved one physically, a phone call or video call is a great choice.

Gift basket and teddy bear

For any occasion, you can personalize a gift basket as well as a hamper and send them by adding an item such as wear, watch, read, or soothe.  A teddy bear can be a cuddle buddy for your loved ones, so giving this bear can be a great option.

Balloon, letter, or handwritten notes

With colorful and fun balloons, you can cheer your loved one up since it can create a happy atmosphere. More than that, you can combine this gift by adding a letter or handwritten notes, make it extra special by using pretty note paper.

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Sending Him a Get Well Soon Gift

Not only for her, you also can choose various options for a gift for him. No matter how sick you or how you are, there is nothing that could convey the message of feeling better soon, than accepting a thought-out gift carefully.

Audiobooks, a great pair of headphones

If you have a loved one or friend who is into music, pick a great pair of headphones to provide a better listening experience. Or, you can even give them a better night’s rest by giving a pair of SleepPhones.

A good book and soup

If he keeps on reading a book, this get well soon hamper gift is the right choice. Try to give him a new novel and choose the right kind of novel story according to his favorite whether it is a page-turner or a short read.

You can choose by considering which book will not be able to leave by him. For those who are not feeling well, a delicious soup can be one of the sources of positive feeling. To help fight colds, you can give them a chicken noodle soup.


For men, one of the perfect gifts is slippers. Every time he comfortably walks around the house in a nice new pair of slides, he will think of you. For colder months, a furry and thick air with a gift will be the best.


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