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What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Brewery?

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Brewery?

Are you a beer lover interested in learning the art of brewing beer? Moreover, are you interested in using that knowledge to start a new business?

Starting a brewery is an exciting venture. Craft beer is a major attraction for both tourists and beer enthusiasts. However, there are many important steps that go into starting a microbrewery, not the least of which is to get the necessary brewery equipment.

To help you get started on this important step, here is the equipment you must have in order to start a brewery.


A brewhouse should be your first step in gathering equipment. It’s exactly what it sounds like: the place where you will brew and package your beer.

Choose a safe sanitary location for your brewhouse. Remember, this is a form of foodservice, and there are sanitation guidelines you have to follow.

Malt Mill

Brewers use Malt mills to crush grain. This is important as finer grains make for better mashing in a mash tun.

Mash Tun

The mashing step takes place in a temperature-controlled vessel called a mash tun. Mashing is when the crushed fine grains get mixed with water and heated to break down the grain’s starches into sugars. These sugars (also called wort) will eventually change into alcohol within the beer.

Filtration Equipment

It’s important to filter your brew, as too much live yeast and debris can affect the taste of your beer. For a microbrewery, a plate filter should prove to be an efficient option.

Brew Kettles

Brew kettles are often the first investment for beginner brewers. Brewers use these cooking pot-style tanks to boil water for transfer to a hot liquor tank. The kettles will boil the wort when it exits the mash tun, which is necessary to sanitize the wort.

It’s best to go with stainless steel beer kettles. Kettles made from materials such as aluminum or enamel can cause the beer to taste metallic.

Beer Fermenter

This is the most important step in the brewing process, as this is where the sugars will convert to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. Temperature control, krausen monitoring, airlock usage, and regular cleaning of the fermenter are all central to proper fermentation.

Brite Tanks

Breweries use brite tanks for storage as well as for carbonation and maturation. Brite tanks actually speed up the carbonation process so that you can serve the beer sooner.

Packaging and Kegging Equipment

Kegs are large barrel-shaped containers used to transport beer for tap service. You can fill them directly from the brite tank as long as the beer is sufficiently carbonated.

Other equipment includes transportation pumps as well as valves and hoses for transfers.

Start A Brewery

Now that you know at least some of the equipment you need to start a brewery, you can start looking at your options and get things started. This beer brewing experience will require hard work and learning. However, it will prove rewarding and you will have fun with the process.

For more advice on starting a new company, check out the Business section.

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