What is Netgear Extender Default Password? How Do I Change It?

What is Netgear Extender Default Password? How Do I Change It?

The security of your Netgear WiFi extender is utterly important. That’s why Netgear provides the default password for its extenders to keep unauthorized access at a bay. However, keep using the default password can also put your WiFi network in danger. Anyone who knows the make and model number of your Netgear extender can easily crack the default password, thus enter your WiFi network and steal your bandwidth.

So, you need to change the Netgear extender default password as soon as you configure your extender. This post will make you familiar with everything you need to know about the Netgear extender default password like what is it and how to change it. Scroll down to read more.

What is Netgear Extender Default Password?

Every model of Netgear WiFi range extender comes with the default password and username. These default details are required when you are doing the Netgear extender setup. Without these credentials, you can’t make your extender up and running.

But some users are completely unaware of the default Netgear extender login details. If you count yourself among those, let us tell you that these details can be found in the manual that came with your extender on the purchase.

Keep in mind that both the username and password are case-sensitive, so you have to enter these details with great care.

Why Should You Change the Netgear Extender Default Password?

Netgear offers billions of devices and all those come with the default username and password. In simple words, the default password you are making use of is known by billions of other users. That’s the main reason why using the Netgear extender default password is not secure.

Just by guessing the default Netgear extender password, unauthorized users can access your network without your consent. They can even access your confidential data using your connected devices.

In the event that someone guesses your password and enters your WiFi network, they can make setting changes in your Netgear router and even lock you out from your own network – without even your knowledge.

Yes, therefore, changing the default password of your Netgear WiFi range extender to something more secure completely makes sense and is worth your time. And let us tell you that changing the Netgear extender default password is not rocket science and is relatively simpler than you might imagine.

All you need to do is just access the mywifiext web page and follow the below-given steps in their exact order.

How to Change the Netgear Extender Default Password?

Hopefully, you have understood the fact that how crucial it is to change the default password of your Netgear extender. Wondering how to change the default Netgear password? Wonder no more! Have a look at the steps highlighted below and get the job done:

  • Make sure that your Netgear wireless range extender is powered on properly.
  • Now, connect your computer, laptop, or mobile device (whichever you want to use!) to a reliable WiFi network.
  • Pull up your preferred web browser on it.
  • Type www.mywifiext.net in the URL bar and press the Enter key.
  • You will reach the Netgear extender login window.
  • Next, enter the user ID and password into the given fields.
  • Click on the Log In button.
  • As soon as you get logged in, the Netgear genie smart wizard appears.
  • Head over to the Admin section and click on the Maintenance option.
  • Now, locate the option that says Set Password.
  • Once located, click on it.
  • A new dialog box will come into view asking you to enter the old password and then the new one.
  • After entering the asked details, click on the Apply button to save settings.

And with this step, you have successfully changed the Netgear extender default password. If you are still experiencing any sort of technical issues, feel free to reach out to our experts via the comments section.

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