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What is the Best Flavour of Disposable Vape in 2022


As disposable vapes are becoming more and more popular in recent years, there is a pile of different styles of flavours to choose from. Nevertheless it is great to have so many amazing flavours available, it is also a confusing decision for beginners to pick suitable flavours for themselves, especially when it comes to What is the Best Flavour of Disposable Vape? Hence today we are going to share the Best Flavour of Disposable Vape UK with you, for vape beginners most of all. 

Although there are hundreds and thousands of flavourings that can be used in vape juice, the most popular types of flavours are fruit flavours, candy (dessert) flavours, beverage flavours and berry flavours among the vapers. From now on, let’s fall into the Charlie’s Vape Factory.

Fruit Flavour Theme

Watermelon Flavour Series

Watermelon falvour series is no doubt one the of the top reputable flavours among the vapers. It often appears in watermelon ice flavour, lush ice flavour, flavour mixed with watermelon or simply watermelon flavour. By the way, Elf bar has such a great watermelon flavour which truly releases the freshness and sweetness of watermelon aroma.

Lush Ice: Indulge in the delicious flavours of exotic watermelon and refreshing menthol. The fruity flavours of the watermelon take centre stage, filling your mouth with tasty aroma, before the menthol lingers in your mouth, leaving a delicious aftertaste and fragrance.

Watermelon Ice: Watermelon always reminds us of care-free summer days, sit in front of TV enjoying the cooling wind from the air conditioner and eating a bowl of watermelon, we can’t be freer and easier than that. Now watermelon ice flavor not only brings you the fresh watermelon fragrance note but also leaves a strong cooling menthol aftertaste with your every vape.

Mango Peach Watermelon: Enthusiastic tropical mango meets juicy peach and watermelon, this particular blended flavor reminds us how do we spend the enthusiastic summer days. The tangy mango and sweet watermelon aroma lingering in your body, complemented with the refreshing peach aftertaste, it a moreish flavor to vape.

Watermelon: Truly fresh and sweet flavour in a balanced e-liquid, it brings you the pure and natural flavour of watermelon.

Strawberry Flavour Series

Strawberry, fresh, sour and sweet are the key words for it. It’s not only popular when it is fruit, it even gets more reputation when it comes to e-liquid. It is usually strawberry flavour, strawberry ice flavour, or flavours that are blended with strawberry. VooPoo Vozoo Drag Bar Disposable Vape offers the best strawberry ice flavour in the market.

Strawberry Ice: Strawberry Ice is a light and sweet blend, the bold fruity notes is softened by the added ice. Experience the refreshing taste of summer all day long with the Strawberry Ice. Packed with the full-bodied flavours of the British strawberries, this VooPoo Vozoo Drag Bar provides a deliciously sweet vape, with a twist of menthol. If you’re looking for a vape that produces unbeatable flavour with a fragrant aroma, the Strawberry Ice VooPoo Vozoo Drag Bar is for you.

Strawberry: The intoxicating taste of sweet strawberries freshly picked from a sun-kissed meadow. Each satisfying puff will leave you wanting more as you enjoy the refreshing taste of natural strawberry flavor. If you’re a fan of strawberries then you’ll love this pure tantalizing strawberry flavour.

Strawberry Banana: The Strawberry Banana is a delicious flavour of fruity, giving you endless mouthfuls of delicious flavour. The tangy flavours of creamy banana and succulent strawberry meld perfectly to provide the moreish vape.

Mixed Fruits Flavour Series

How to make a fruit-lover satisfied? A fruits banquet of course. The mixed fruits flavour is playing an indispensable role in the e-liquids. The most common mixed fruits flavours are Kiwi Passion Fruit, Blue Razz Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Tropical, and so on. What’s more, I recommend the Kiwi Passion Fruit flavour from Geek Bar disposable vape for its balanced flavour and smoother throat hit.

Kiwi Passion Fruit: This is the most popular flavour among the Geek Bar disposable series according to the monthly sales statistic. Kiwi and passion fruit are classic tropical fruits, the sour and fresh kiwi mixed with fragrant juicy passion fruit, every puff is warm and full of fruity aroma, shortly you would get the ultra tropical fruity banquet and get your nicotine cravings satisfied. 

Blue Razz Lemonade: Blue Razz is mixed with blueberry and raspberry flavours, sweet, sour and juicy taste. The Blue Razz Lemonade is guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds. The naturally sweet flavours of the berries provide a delicious vape, leaving you longing for more.

Pink Lemonade: The Pink Lemonade flavour is balanced between fruit and fizz, which is sweet and sharp. It is the taste of summer. Pink Lemonade is a concoction of refreshing, zesty and cloudy lemonade and a sweet burst of plump summer berries. The blend of flavours creates a perfectly balanced e-juice with a unique vaping flavour that will tantalize your taste buds.

Candy/Dessert Flavour Theme

Candy Flavour Series

Candy flavour of course is for the sweet-teeth vapers, most of time we can see cotton candy ice flavour and cotton cream flavour in the vape shops.

Cotton Candy Ice: Candy and sweet-lovers, pay attention please! The Cotton Candy Ice flavor is mixed with Marshmallow and candy plus refreshing cooling mint. Every inhale is a full mouth of sweet happiness, that’s all.

Dessert Flavour Series

Lemon Tart: The particular fragrant aroma and refreshing sour taste of lemon are attractive enough, now a creamy and sweet dessert taste is mixed with lemon, enjoy the tangy fragrance and delicious taste that lemon dessert brings. 

Beverage Flavour Theme

We can find the most beverage flavours in the market are Cola Ice flavour, Energy Drinks flavour, and flavour that mixed with energy drinks.

Red Bull Ice: It is time to retrieve your energy! This flavour is rich in the energy drink aroma which entices you to get more puffs and get out of drowsiness instantly. Meanwhile this is also a balanced flavour, not too sweet, not too much vapour, smooth throat hit and satisfying nicotine content are what you would get.

Grape Energy: Missed the flavor of functional beverage? However, now you don’t have to take an energy beverage can or bottle in hands for the unique energy drinks taste, just get a compact and pocket-friendly disposable vape pod of Grape Energy Juice flavor, than you can enjoy the energetic feeling yet with juicy grape taste anytime.

Ice Cola: Finishing a whole bottle of Ice Cola in one gulp must be one of the most cheerful to-do things in a hot summer day. Now this disposable vape pod containing the Cola flavor and cooling mint flavor vape juice, take a puff and feel the joy that summer brings.

Berry Flavour Theme

You won’t miss the mouthwatering berry flavours of disposable vape if you are a berry-lover.

Raspberry: Raspberry always diffuses a particular odor from mountains and forests, that’s the fragrance of nature. Its refreshing sour and berry sweet with nicotine salt make people enjoy in it so much as to forget to stop. 

Lemberry Brew: The ultimate fruity vape for when you’re out and about. Lemberry Brew contains a soda-inspired flavour with luscious notes of citrus lemonade and blackcurrant juice for that fruity fix when you need it most. 

Blueberry Bubble Gum: Blueberry Bubble Gum clearly is for sweet teeth. Tangy aroma of blueberry and endless aftertaste of sweet bubble gum get you on a time travel back to your childhood. Enjoy the sweet and tasty joy that Blueberry Bubble Gum brings.

Tobacco Flavour Theme

Tobacco flavour as to mimic the most original experience of smoking, it often appears in pure tobacco flavour, rich tobacco flavour, coffee tobacco flavour, and so on. For the vapers who want to taste the tobacco flavour, I would recommend:

Rich Tobacco: The Rich Tobacco flavor maximumly restores the flavor of traditional tobacco, thereby this flavor perfectly fits those smokers who miss the taste of tobacco and get less harm from vaping.

Coffee Tobacco: It’s definitely an interesting and innovating combo. It has combined coffee with tobacco into this classic flavor, this is definitely a great idea and an attracting taste. Vape it when you are exhausted, the flavors of coffee and tobacco would soon bring you back to alive and refreshing. Coffee and tobacco lovers, you won’t miss it!

Menthol Tobacco: Perfect for former menthol cigarette smokers, this flavour provides all of the delicious flavours of menthol and tobacco. The rich and earthy tobacco provides a smokey sensation which is excellently partnered by the refreshing menthol flavour. It mimics the sensations of smoking a menthol cigarette without all of the harmful chemicals.

Final Thoughts

After learning the vape review of the best flavours of disposable vape in 2022, you ought to know where to find a reliable supplier to get what you want. Vaping Wholesale is a good online vape shop to go as it is the UK’s largest online disposable vape wholesaler, offering the widest flavour range of disposable vapes.

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