What is the effect of private tutoring on education?

What is the effect of private tutoring on education?

For the longest time, students shunned from private tuition for various reasons – it takes up their free time, it adds onto their homework load, and it reflects poorly on the students’ own ability to catch up with the school pace. Yet, parents are pushing their children to private tuitions as much as possible for obvious reasons – for their children to catch up with school work or even be ahead of the school’s teaching pace, to keep their children preoccupied and for their children to score. 

This article highlights the pros and cons of private tutoring on education

Personalized Attention for Each Student 

One of private tutoring’s biggest advantages points to personalized attention for each particular student according to his/her own comfortable pace. Schoolteachers are trained to take a class of 30 to 40 pupils and therefore they will teach at an average pace which most students can follow. However, each child learns differently. While some can absorb at a higher rate, others may fall behind. Vice versa, some students may find the pace too slow for their learning. Private Tutor Singapore ensures the pace and materials are appropriate for the students’ learning curve such that students can benefit the most out of the short 1 to 2 hour session weekly. It is also proven that every child learns differently – visually, auditorily, kinesthetically. Private tutoring can customize the method of teaching which is most effective for the student. 

Learning Beyond the Syllabus 

This is one of the most neglected factors as parents and children are increasingly focused on only the academic grades. The trend has become such that students are learning how to score in an exam, rather than learning for their growth. As a result, teachers also focus on guiding their students on how to tackle exam questions, rather than imparting knowledge on the subject matters. However, this is inevitable as teachers are pressed on time to complete the syllabus and rarely has the energy and resources to spend on additional content that is beyond the examinable syllabus. On the other hand, while private tutoring serves to guide students with their schoolwork, it also tailors to each students’ needs by teaching more things that are not covered in school. In this way, students’ interests are aroused and this is a much more effective manner of learning.  

Takes Up Students’ Free Time  

With the normal school curriculum lasting until late afternoon and even into the night with Co-Curricular Activities, students are left with little time for homework and leisure. It is no wonder that students are reluctant to add onto their commitment extra weekly tuition sessions. Each private tuition session typically lasts 1 to 2 hours, and students are assigned homework after each session. This adds onto the workload of students and may result in increased stress for them. In fact, many students from elite schools are known to be rushing to and fro school and tuition centres, with little time allocated to other activities and leisure. We know that school-life balance is important. However, private tuitions can actually save time. Effective private tuitions will help students gain a deeper understanding of their school work, and guide students to complete their homework faster. Students need not spend extra time trying to understand the subject on their own, which may be futile.  

In short, effective private tuitions can do wonder for students. When properly tailored to students’ unique needs, it helps the student to learn correctly, learn better and learn more. It can also save students’ time when it comes to completing their school homework, and free up time for leisure. At ChampionTutor, this is exactly what we advocate for. We want to help the students to unleash their potential for bigger achievements. We want our private tuitions to add on to students’ learning for his/her greater opportunities in the future. Most importantly, we only match tutors and students with aligned goals and work ethics, such that students can be taught by the best, and learn from the best. 


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