What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing the Best SEO Agency?

How an SEO Company Can Turn Your Business Around

Finding the best SEO agency can be difficult since there are so many agencies that can launch without any real pedigree behind them. It’s a bit like the Wild West in the digital marketing space, and only by asking the right questions will you see what a company is really capable of. 

That said, it’s worth it to get it right because SEO is here to stay, and nothing, not even artificial intelligence, will be able to replace it. In the following article, we examine six questions you absolutely need to ask before hiring. Let’s begin!

1. What Are the Best Keywords for Our Industry?

One of the first discussions you should have to find the best SEO company for you is research-focused. Usually, keywords are more than single words. 

They are terms and phrases that people are using to find answers to the questions or needs that they have. The digital presence of every topic from manufacturing to Russian dances is built on keywords. 

The company you partner with should know how to dive down the rabbit hole. They should be highly skilled and well-trained at using keyword research tools to drill as deeply as they can. That way, your content can reflect what users in your niche are looking for.

Any digital marketing company today, from those that work primarily on national brands to a local SEO company, should have an understanding of link-building practices and influencer marketing. They should be prepared to help you connect with other brands and publishers in your field to establish authority and credibility with shared audiences. 

Ask a provider before hiring them what brands they foresee your company mixing with. Request a list of brands and influencers they’ve worked with to see how well-connected they are for your purposes.

3. How Do We Tell If Our SEO Strategy Is Working?

What reports do they keep to measure the ROI of your killer content? The basics include organic traffic, the click-through rate of your links, bounce rate, and the keywords where you’re ranking. Your SEO company should be able to provide you with the proof and explain it so you will understand it moving forward.

4. What Do You Need From Us?

As you sit down with the SEO company, it’s smart marketing prowess to ask them to delineate their responsibilities, as well as what they will need from you to accomplish them. Usually, it entails insight into your brand voice, target audience, and what you hope to accomplish with each post or piece of content. 

5. How Closely Do You Follow Google?

Ask them about what the latest update was to Google’s algorithms, what specific changes (if any) they had to adopt, and how quickly they make adjustments after a major update. Emphasize that you want specifics.

6. Why Should We Hire You?

A great question because SEO companies really should be able to prove their worth to you in advance. Take this Sarasota SEO company, which claims a number of globally known celebrities and companies among its clientele. 

Anyone can call themselves a digital marketer. Far fewer have the pedigree to back it up.

Finding the Best SEO Agency Is All About Asking the Right Questions

If you know what to ask, then you’ll have no trouble finding the best SEO agency for your company or organization. As your search continues, focus on their training, knowledge, expertise, and track record.

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