What To do If You Are The Passenger In An Uber Accident

Things To Keep In Mind If You Get Injured In An Accident

When you call an Uber, you expect you will reach your journey safely, but the thing that we do not give a second thought to is that Uber drivers cannot prevent any mishappenings on the road. Accidents are inevitable, and you do not know what is waiting on the other side of the road. Remember, you can even get injured in your Uber ride. For these kinds of situations, you need to be prepared to ensure that you can fight for compensation. Whether the injury is minor or severe, you need to know your rights if you ever get injured in your Uber ride. Now, company policies are twisted, and unless we have gone thoroughly to the paperwork of the company’s policies, we cannot actually fight for our compensation. For this purpose, we need to hire a lawyer for our injuries who will get us reasonable compensation. 

Below are some things that you need to do after you are involved in an accident with Uber:

Report the accident:

You need to report the accident to the police because it is important when you pursue your compensation. Calling the police immediately should be the first thing you do if you are in an accident. Police will come to the scene for inspection and record all the details. When they have the details, it will be easy for your injury lawyer to file a lawsuit as they can rely on these records to get the claim. 

Along with informing the police, you will also have to alert Uber about the accident. If there is no record, the company can deny all the charges as the insurance provider will try to fight you off. 

Record the details:

The lawsuit may take time, and within days your memory of the accident will start fading. You will only remember the segments and not the details. So, it will help if you document the accident and relevant information. You should take photos of the scene and note the damage. Make sure you cover the scene and take pictures from every angle possible that will help you remember the details of the incident. If you are injured in the accident, ensure that you capture the injury before its treatment to get ideas to others about the severity of your injury. You can give these snaps and videos to your injury lawyer, who will fight for your compensation. Writing down how it happened will also help you to remember the crucial incidents. 

Get to the hospital:

After the accident, you need to get to the nearest hospital even if you cannot see any signs of injury. Sometimes the injury is internal, and you will not come to know about it immediately. Getting to the hospital will help you detect those injuries. You need to tell them about the accident so they can treat you accordingly. Going to the hospital immediately after the accident will help to prevent the internal injuries from getting worse. If you have detected the injury on your own, then better hurry and do not wait for anything else to get yourself treated. An injury must be taken care of immediately, or else it will affect your health. 

Talk to your lawyer:

Ensure that you immediately call your injury lawyer after the accident because the company will try to talk you into their offer, which you will find tempting to take. But you should not take any decision, accept any offer or negotiate before talking to your lawyer. Companies such as Uber will involve several parties that will make the process complicated, and it will be difficult for a layperson to get out of it with what they deserve. 

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